Anyone else waiting to hear from Riverside about admissions?

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    I am waiting desperately to hear about acceptance into Riverside's RN program. Does anyone else hope to start in September?

    Best of luck!

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    Have you called the registrar? They are usually pretty good at keeping you informed. I got my informal acceptance at the end of the interview. Good luck, its a good program to get into.
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    Did you turn in your application early?!?!
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    Quote from CNUgirl
    Did you turn in your application early?!?!
    Not sure what you consider early. I applied to the e/w program in about August 09, got accepted probably around October or November for a January start date. The registrar can give you a time frame for the latest you can apply and when you can expect a decision. Have you taken the teas test yet? Until you get the test passed and have all your pre-reqs covered and finish the interview, they probably wont give you a firm acceptance.
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    I just had my interview today for the RN program at Riverside for January 2012. I sure hope to hear something soon because it hasnt even been a full 24 hours yet and Im already soooo anxious to find out. Anyone else waiting to get a letter in the mail?
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    I applied in August to the RN program at Riverside and took my yet and had my interview on Aug 23. I was told they has 52 applicants. They pick 32. I hope I am one of those 32. They are suppose to have the letters out by second week of September. There were some people who got to test twice. I was wondering why your interview was so late. Now we just wait.
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    Yes I was one of those who took it twice. I found it very hard. Wasn't expecting it to be that hard. I am enrolled in Micro now so maybe that is another reason why I found it difficult because I am learning alot that I had on the test now. What was your score? I am so nervous. Hopefully we will hear soon.
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    I passed the first time. But it was hard for me to. I scored low like a 55.3. But it was passing. What did you get? Did they say it would make a difference if I tested twice? Keep me posted if u get a letter I really want to know and good luck. By the way I already took micro and it didn't help.
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    No letter yet. It's killing me
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    I meant to say I got a 65.3 I hit the wrong key. Still no letter today.

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