Anyone applying to MCI August 2011 start date?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a hopeful applying to MCI's August start date- I was curious if anyone else patrolling these boards was putting in an application. I'd love to hear what stage in the application process you're at, how things are going, etc..

    good luck to all!
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  3. by   movingfromNY
    did you take the teas yet?? if so which version?
  4. by   as2633
    Quote from movingfromNY
    did you take the teas yet?? if so which version?
    Yes, I took it. I took the version for the RN program- I wasn't aware there were multiple versions.
  5. by   movingfromNY
    theres a 3.0 , 4.0, and V..each one has a different study guide so im freaking out bcuz id like to do really well
  6. by   as2633
    I'm pretty sure everyone feels the same way

    I didn't study prior to the TEAS because I was told I didn't have to take it the first meeting (I ended up taking it anyway)- my adviser said they like to know where you're at before you have time to cram, so I'm not sure how they factor in the significance of your TEAS scores.
    Someone who passes every section can not re take the test, however, a person who fails a section can study and retake those sections. I would assume they place some significance on scores where the student didn't need to retake? (at least I'm REALLY hoping for this- I know a few people who retested after the pre-req's and killed it). I have my fingers crossed, regardless I want into this program more than anything.

    My advice is not to stress and maybe invest in both study guides? Good luck!
  7. by   movingfromNY
    I'm terrible at math so that's the only part I'm really worried about..I have all of the prerequisites so I'm hoping g for that to be some sort of advantage
  8. by   prayerngrace
    So how is everything going now? What is your next step? (I also started a thread for MCI Virginia Beach 2011-2012.)

    How far back did you start everything?
  9. by   movingfromNY
    I go to meet with Kim next week to take the assessment and show her my transcripts and if I do well on that I will have my interview soon after that
  10. by   prayerngrace
    Me too! I'm meeting with a different advisor though.
  11. by   as2633
    I got everything done the second week of June- just waiting for them to contact me for an interview with the DON. Good luck everyone!
  12. by   movingfromNY
    The woman I talked to today said they should be starting interviews next week so u will get the call soon
  13. by   as2633
    Awesome, I've been a little nervous about it since I turned in the letters and essay. I can't wait to get it over with
  14. by   SBSN
    Has the application deadline already passed for August?