Anyone apply to GMU or apply(ing) to NOVA Traditional Fall 2013?

  1. Hey all

    I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people have started threads to get a hold of everyone applying to local programs and help each other get through the process

    I've been coming to this site for a while now and decided it was time to join! For those who have applied or will be applying to NOVA's traditional pathway, what were your TEAS scores? (if you don't mind sharing of course). I have been studying for a while now, and felt very confident until a couple of hours ago

    So yea anyone else having random panic attacks every now and then?! or is it just me?

    Hope to hear from some of you very soon!
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  3. by   Sambreen
    Nobodyy?? Come on...there has got to be someone out there who applied for traditional!
  4. by   Tricia328
    AH! HI! So happy to have found you! I am applying to NVCC's traditional track, finishing up pre-reqs now, and have yet to take the TEAS. How did it go for you?! Do you mind telling me what you used to study?

    So relieved to have found your post. When are you submitting your app?

    And about the panic attacks? I have them daily. Hourly, even! The pendulum swings back and forth between confidence and despair! Eek!
  5. by   Sambreen
    Yayyyy! I was beginning to to think no one will reply :'0

    Now we can help each other through the process hopefully more people will join us soon. *fingers crossed!* I am surrounded by supportive friends and family but at time it just feels as if they don't completely understand so I'm very excited right now

    I saw plenty of accelerated 2nd degree applicants on here for GMU and barely any for traditional at both NOVA and GMU. Are you only applying to NOVA only?

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to take the teas today I was going to take in the morning but the network was down at the time so I'll either go tomorrow or Wednesday

    I only used the ATI study guide to help me refresh all the basic reading math and English. I feel so blessed for not having to take the science portion! :') I've heard from plenty of people that the ati study guide does a good job of preparing you. When do you plan on taking yours?

    Once I take it I will definitely let you know how it goes
  6. by   Tricia328
    Sorry you have to reschedule! Don't worry, it will work out and I bet you will do great! I plan on buying the ATI guide. I am SO thankful we don't need to worry about the science portion. I keep rechecking NOVA's requirements to make sure I am not lying to myself about that!

    I completely understand about the support system. No one understands it unless they are going through it! Again, so happy we've found each other. I tried to start a thread for this earlier but no one responded! I am applying only to NVCC. I think the date is May 21st when the app. is due, so we have a few chances to take the TEAS!

    I think I am going to take it middle of February, that way I can take it again in the middle of March if I am not happy with the scores.
  7. by   Sambreen
    Yup my plan exactly February 5/6 and then March 5/6 but hopefully we won't need second chances!

    Hey is there an essay requirement? I swear there used to be :0 but I don't see one anywhere and I even called in and the guy said no. But it seems impossible that there's no essay :0
  8. by   Tricia328
    Do you mean for the nursing app? You are right, there is NO essay. Crazy! They are focusing on pre-requisite GPA and TEAS scores (at least that is what is says online). But yay!
  9. by   Sambreen
    Omg really? Yay it seemed too good to be true! :')Which prereqs are you finishing up? Do you have rest of the prereqs and coreqs done? Sorry I'm just curious I am finally actually going to take my teas tomorrw! I really really want to scores in the 90s in all sections :'( I hope it goes well. Do you mind sharing your grades?I graduated from NOVA with a Social Science A.S. 3.6 Prereqs (ENG 111, SDV 100, & NAS 1&2) 4.0I think that's all the GPA that matters right? I'm scared because I got a C in psy 202 and his 101 those are coreqs though so I'm hoping they don't cost me my acceptance. GMU had an essay requirement and as much as I like to believe I write very well I had such a hard time writing that essay Soooo I can only keep my fingers crossed now Sorry I get on here and type essays btw haha. Its the one place I can vent :')
  10. by   Tricia328
    Omg please vent! It helps me so much, again soooo glad we found each other to talk about all this stuff! So, kind of a crazy story. I am taking all the pre-reqs in one semester. Usually you have to take them in sequence, but I attended a university before coming to nova and deciding on nursing, so I convinced the bio department to let me take them at the same time. Right now, I am in ENG 111, SDV, NAS 161, and NAS 162. I am taking ENG 111 and SDV as eight week classes, so they will be done in March. Then I will tell you what my grades are in those classes! The NAS classes last all semester. I haven't taken any of the co-reqs, except for one psych class at my last school. I am not sure if it will count for my nursing degree though.

    Ugh I wish this semester would fly by, you know? I just want my TEAS done, my classes done, and my app in! EEEK! I think the only GPA they look at is for the grades you get in the 4 pre-req classes. So, I would say you are FINE and shouldn't worry about your co-reqs grades affecting your status. It seems like your grades are great. You are a shoe-in. I am worried about some of the classes. A teacher I have for NAS 162 is really hard. I want A's, and I am terrified if I don't do well!

    I haven't considered applying to GMU's nursing program, because I don't have my pre-reqs done. Do you know if those have to be done before I can apply? I figured that they do, so I wasn't going to bother. When do you know if you got into their program?

    Again, so happy to talk with you! This helps me relax a TON.
  11. by   Sambreen
    Haha yayy. I KNOW it really does help so so SOOO much! I honestly haven't felt this relaxed since the whole process began

    Where'd you go to school before this? NOVA and GMU is all I've done. But wow kudos to you!!! That's so impressive Good luck with the rest of the semester I'm sure you're gunna do great Btw I lied...I forgot I had gotten a B in NAS 162. Online summer session wasn't the smartest idea So prereqs = 3.7. I willlll get high 90s on this teas >.<

    You're right, Mason has a looooong list of prereqs. I have em all done except ENGH 302 (which you can complete after being accepted). AHHHH the wait is going to kill me sigh if I'm going to get rejected I still wanna know now I have thought about it and since I really have no backup to nursing (but nursing of course!) IF I don't get into any programs this year I will do retakes (unfortunately at a higher price since I can't take anymore classes at NOVA as a GMU student) and raise my GPA and try again next year

    Do you know any new grads? I've been reading about a lot of unsuccessful job hunts

    I see another guest on the thread and there are so many views. Come out come out where ever you are! Share your anxiety and stories with us joining is so easy and then we can all get through this together!
  12. by   Sambreen
    Heyyy so I FINALLY took the teas :|

    I feel both happy and disappointed about my scores. Before I say what they are let me tell you I thought I did worst in reading and best in English but it ended up being the opposite haha.

    So here we go:
    Reading: 90.5%
    Math: 86.7%
    English: 76.7%

    So I guess an overall score of 84.63%

    So yea I will definitely be retaking English in March. I will retake math as well because I KNOW I can do better. What I like about the report is that its detailed enough for you to figure out what needs improvement.

    Omg I can't believe I failed English :'0 I really really thought I did so well I even semi rechecked all my answers. I think I let the rush take over I was shaking after I finished math because I almost ran out of time on the math section :0

    I probably should be depressed about this but I'm not lol. I'm glad that at least now I know what to expect on a teas

    I will study harder for math and English I'm not sure where I went wrong. I will review but for the most part I think I need to slow down. I finished in like half the time :/

    Anyone reading this thread mind sharing scores even if you applied the year before and got in for traditional Fall 2012. Pleeeease?
  13. by   summer03
    I can't remember my scores, but isn't 80 the passing mark? If so you were very close in English. I don't think you can re-take a passing test, so your scores are what they are. And they seem fine to me, so not to worry. Also, doesn't it show some statistics about how you compared to everyone else who took the test and/or applied to NVCC nursing or something like that?

    If you are not a resident of the area served by NVCC, you most likely will not get in; If you are not a Virginia resident, you almost certainly will not get in.

    I believe GPA, especially prerequisites, is most impotant, so be sure your grades are good. In my view, below 3.5 is a bit dicey; 3.5 and above, you probably are in good shape.

    My advice is just concentrate on getting ready for your next English TEAS; I bet you will do a lot better with the experience and not having to focus on the other parts of TEAS.

    If you have any other degrees, such as a Bachelor's, be sure to show that on your application.

    Best to apply as soon as you have done everything and not wait until the last minute, as it can take NVCC a few weeks to approve your checklist before you even can apply.

    BTW, I was where you are, a few years ago. I got in 2010, graduated 2012, now full-time RN at INOVA Fair Oaks.

    Good luck
  14. by   Sambreen
    Hey summer! Thanks sooo much for replying

    The passing score is 78% I wanted 90's in all sections to make myself more competitive I'm scared an 86.7% in math is no where near competitive.

    I think you're right about not being able to take retake passing scores :'( I called MEC, though the lady seemed a bit confused, she said you can't retake passing scores (sigh) This makes me so nervous

    I took the online summer course for NAS 162 & got a B, so my prereq gpa is 3.67...AH! I hate myself so much right now

    But yea I'm going to try and stay positive. I will retake my English section. Do whatever I can to get 100%! It can't be impossible.

    I don't have a bachelors but I do have my associates from NOVA. When I read the pdf it said they will be looking at GPA from last 12 credits of prereqs and then TEAS scores. It said nothing about a degree

    i've been a resident for many many years now though. I will retake my English section in March and then send in my application right after.

    Thank you so much Summer I hope I can get in this year. If I don't I will retake NAS 162 (or maybe I'll try to take micro 205 because I got A's in both bio 141 and 142...I've heard of people getting permission for 205 because they had HS Chem). Come what may I won't give up and I'll just keep trying until I get in

    I'm wondering where all the 2013 applicants are We all need to stick together through this process