Anyone apply to GMU or apply(ing) to NOVA Traditional Fall 2013? - page 6

Hey all :) I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people... Read More

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    Me1988: Yesss! I cannot wait for the emails and letters to start pouring in But I totally agree I can't wait to meet the class of 2015

    Tricia: Hii! Soooo nice to hear from you again! & thank you so so much It was the greatest feeling ever!! I was hoping we'd actually get to meet and maybe be classmates! But you never know we may end up being coworkers! I'm jobless too, have been for a while, soooo this summer is going by WAY TOO SLOW I'm actually waiting on my NOVA letter also because I really wanna know what it'll say Good luck to you! I'm sure your letter with begin with "Congratulations!"
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    Hahaha, thanks Sambreen I hope you are right!

    And yes! Who knows, maybe we can work together We have to stay in touch! With the free time you have, you definitely need to celebrate!
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    By the way, do you have any idea when NVCC plans to send out letters?!
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    haha I can't enjoy that's the problem! I just wanna get started & yesss we definitely need to stay in touch ^_^

    Sigh and no I have noooo idea. I really wish they would send them out already -_- hopefully soon!!!
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