Anyone apply to GMU or apply(ing) to NOVA Traditional Fall 2013? - page 3

Hey all :) I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people... Read More

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    Just out of curiosity, how many NVCC nursing students come into the program having already earned a degree? Did any of your classmates have previous BA/BS degrees or associate degrees in other fields, or did most students start the program with no prior college degree or credits (not including the pre-nursing prerequisites)?

    I've thought about NVCC - I know an older, non-traditional student who's currently in the program and I *think* she already has a BA/BS - but I didn't know if it was common or "unusual" to apply with a previous undergraduate (or GRADUATE, for some people) degree. I'm currently waiting to hear from GMU's ABSN program (at least 2.5 months to go....), and working on applications for 2 other ABSNs.

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    Summer: I think that's for the NVCC in CT, but I saw some for MEC. That's a brilliant idea! thanks so much

    Selisa: I know your question was directed towards Summer but from what I've seen/heard there are loads of people who have a BS/BA (or even Mater's) degree and apply for the NVCC RN program. Of course I don't know how many I don't think it's unusual at all, though. I applied to GMU as well! The traditional program. I am feeling rather hopeless about getting into their program though Good luck to you! If you wish you apply to NVCC and have the prereqs done it's still not to late to apply
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    Oops, wrong FB link. I am in the group for my class, naturally, and meant to give you the newer class(es).

    It seemed to me that my class fell mostly into 2 groups: the young ones pretty fresh out of high school and the more experienced, typically in their 40s. I think a number of the latter had other degrees. I was a 'tweener; in my early 30s, with another degree, but changing careers after not being in my first one all that long. All in all, I found my fellow students to be a nice group of people, and very open to differences in our backgrounds. Mostly female, not surprisingly.
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    Just a friendly reminder: per the allnurses Terms of Service (TOS), posting Facebook links in the forums is prohibited. You can post the title of the Facebook group so that others can search for it, but please do not post the link. Thanks!
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    I did not know, but it won't happen again. And to top it off, I posted the wrong link by mistake.
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    Are you still there, Sambreen? I check back but no one has written in a while.

    I am having one of those bouts of anxiety we talked about! Luckily it is almost March. We're getting there! My 8 week classes are almost done. Time to start thinking about TEAS. I am just getting more nervous as time goes by! Have you heard anything back from mason? Talk to ya soon!
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    Hey Tricia! Yea I'm still here

    Actually l kept checking back too but I figured you were busy and since there wasn't much activity I stopped checking.

    I'm so glad your 8 week classes are ending soon! that must be such a relief! Don't stress about the teas at all. As long as you're keeping up with the study guide you will do great

    I still haven't heard from Mason yet, probably won't until late April or early May I go in to retake the English section of my teas next Wednesday. I better get 100% >.< I tried studying (and will continue to do so until March 6th) but English isn't something I can easily just study for. I'm not sure I even know what to study. Its like, either you know it or you don't :/

    Sometimes I even forget I have applied since its such a looooong wait. Then I feel guilty for forgetting :'( lol

    It was soooooo nice to see another post from you! Hope all is well and keep it touch good luck with finals and all! You're gunna pull through this!!!!
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    Alright Trisha I have an update for you

    I retook the English section today (FINALLY!) didn't get the 100% like I wanted :'( but I got 86.7% and I'm pretty happy with that. I think I'm more happy that it's finally over! leaving for my vacation on Thursday now I can go peacefully *thumbs up* Now all I can do is pray and hope that we both get in :')

    Good luck with the rest of the semester and the teas!
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    I am applying to GMU traditional of the fall 2013 as well! I'm still waiting for my acceptance/rejection letter. I've been feeling so anxious for the past weeks.
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    Yay! A fellow applicant :') have you heard anything yet?! I'm 7000 miles away so even if I get a response I won't know til I get home :'( did you take all your prerequisites at Mason?

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