Anyone apply to GMU or apply(ing) to NOVA Traditional Fall 2013? - page 3

Hey all :) I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people... Read More

  1. by   Sambreen
    Hey Tricia! Yea I'm still here

    Actually l kept checking back too but I figured you were busy and since there wasn't much activity I stopped checking.

    I'm so glad your 8 week classes are ending soon! that must be such a relief! Don't stress about the teas at all. As long as you're keeping up with the study guide you will do great

    I still haven't heard from Mason yet, probably won't until late April or early May I go in to retake the English section of my teas next Wednesday. I better get 100% >.< I tried studying (and will continue to do so until March 6th) but English isn't something I can easily just study for. I'm not sure I even know what to study. Its like, either you know it or you don't :/

    Sometimes I even forget I have applied since its such a looooong wait. Then I feel guilty for forgetting :'( lol

    It was soooooo nice to see another post from you! Hope all is well and keep it touch good luck with finals and all! You're gunna pull through this!!!!
  2. by   Sambreen
    Alright Trisha I have an update for you

    I retook the English section today (FINALLY!) didn't get the 100% like I wanted :'( but I got 86.7% and I'm pretty happy with that. I think I'm more happy that it's finally over! leaving for my vacation on Thursday now I can go peacefully *thumbs up* Now all I can do is pray and hope that we both get in :')

    Good luck with the rest of the semester and the teas!
  3. by   mlimrost
    I am applying to GMU traditional of the fall 2013 as well! I'm still waiting for my acceptance/rejection letter. I've been feeling so anxious for the past weeks.
  4. by   Sambreen

    Yay! A fellow applicant :') have you heard anything yet?! I'm 7000 miles away so even if I get a response I won't know til I get home :'( did you take all your prerequisites at Mason?
  5. by   Sambreen
    Btw....good luck to us both!
  6. by   mlimrost
    I haven't heard back yet :/ Hopefully, I'll get the letter sometimes this week! Yes I did all of my pre-reqs at mason. I got accepted to mason as a freshman. Good luck to you too!
  7. by   Sambreen

    I'm finally coming back home this week. Have you gotten it yet??? Ahhhh I'm so nervous I don't think I'll be able to open it :'( I'm being such a pessimist. I have no hope for myself. I did 99% of my prerequisites at NOVA. They probably didn't want me :'( and my essay probably sucked compared to everyone else's :'(
  8. by   Sambreen
    Anyone hear from GMU yett?? & anyone have an idea about when NOVA will send the decision letter? Like when will they really send it lol. Sighh this is taking tooooo long
  9. by   mlimrost
    GMU said they'll will send out letters by mid-may. So hopefully we'll hear back by next week. I've been feeling so anxious and seriously can't wait any longer!
  10. by   Sambreen
    I know I got the email...I was hoping maybe someone heard something. If they're gunna reject me I need to know now so I can begin my healing process This is taking too longgg I even went on a 7 week vacation and the letter isn't here yet -.- SIGH. Soon
  11. by   kib268
    Hi everyone!

    I, too, applied to GMU's Traditional Nursing. Has anyone heard yet? I'm getting really frustrated. Grrrr.

  12. by   Sambreen
    Hi Leny!

    I (and I'm pretty sure everyone else as well) haven't received anything yet I'm getting very annoyed, too I don't why it's taking forever I want to know now :'( but hey, if you don't mind me asking, are you a transfer student (from a community college) or have been at GMU since freshmen year?
  13. by   kib268
    I'm transferring from NOVA. I just finished my associates in general studies.. I followed all the pre-requisites as outlined by Mason.
    Yes, this wait is driving me insane!