Anyone apply to GMU or apply(ing) to NOVA Traditional Fall 2013? - page 4

Hey all :) I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people have started threads to get a... Read More

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    Btw....good luck to us both!

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    I haven't heard back yet :/ Hopefully, I'll get the letter sometimes this week! Yes I did all of my pre-reqs at mason. I got accepted to mason as a freshman. Good luck to you too!
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    I'm finally coming back home this week. Have you gotten it yet??? Ahhhh I'm so nervous I don't think I'll be able to open it :'( I'm being such a pessimist. I have no hope for myself. I did 99% of my prerequisites at NOVA. They probably didn't want me :'( and my essay probably sucked compared to everyone else's :'(
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    Anyone hear from GMU yett?? & anyone have an idea about when NOVA will send the decision letter? Like when will they really send it lol. Sighh this is taking tooooo long
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    GMU said they'll will send out letters by mid-may. So hopefully we'll hear back by next week. I've been feeling so anxious and seriously can't wait any longer!
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    I know I got the email...I was hoping maybe someone heard something. If they're gunna reject me I need to know now so I can begin my healing process This is taking too longgg I even went on a 7 week vacation and the letter isn't here yet -.- SIGH. Soon
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    Hi everyone!

    I, too, applied to GMU's Traditional Nursing. Has anyone heard yet? I'm getting really frustrated. Grrrr.

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    Hi Leny!

    I (and I'm pretty sure everyone else as well) haven't received anything yet I'm getting very annoyed, too I don't why it's taking forever I want to know now :'( but hey, if you don't mind me asking, are you a transfer student (from a community college) or have been at GMU since freshmen year?
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    I'm transferring from NOVA. I just finished my associates in general studies.. I followed all the pre-requisites as outlined by Mason.
    Yes, this wait is driving me insane!
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    Ahhhh yayyyy a fellow NOVA graduate!! soooo glad you joined the thread! Welcome aboard! I'm super super scared cuz I think they'd pick any Mason student over me any day :'( sighh but fingers crossed for both of us!! I hope we get something within the next two dayss!!

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