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I am doing my pre-reqs for NOVA nursing program and I have no prior hospital experience. I am trying to get a job at hospital setting. However, I find this to be extremely difficult at times like this and also the fact that I... Read More

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    The American Red Cross in Alexandria is now offering CNA training. Right now they're offering day classes M-F from about 8a-4p. I forgot how long the program lasts (maybe 6-8 weeks?).

    You may want to check with other Red Cross chapters and see if they're offering the same program.

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    I am a 1 year LPN student trying to become a CNA while i finish up school. I do not have my certification or licensure as a CNA. But since i was in nursing school i have had 60 hours of clinical experience and i dont know if i would be able to challenge one of the facilities here in Virginia to see if i can obtain CNA certification or at least be able to take the classes for free. i have medical terminology and cpr. what should i do?!?!??!??!
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    Hi Tyler, does your company still train CNAs? Please provide more information about your company and training options/opportunities. Thanks, Erec
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    tylermichelle i'm interested in working for your company, however i do not have experience and i am also looking for cna training schools.

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