Anyone attending VTC this fall (PN program)? - page 3

Hi...I'd just like to get in touch with anyone who has gone through the program or who is going to go this fall...I've just accepted for the Newport site and am really looking forward to it!... Read More

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    So have you received a schedule for orientation day? I haven't yet aside from the initial acceptance packet that said I'd receive the schedule "at a later date". Hmm maybe I should call them.

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    You can view it on blackboard.
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    scratch that, i miss-read your post, to see the schedule for orientation day get on vtc's website and search for "orientation", click on randolph center new student orientation, then over to the right under "events" click on full story ( below all the farmers market links) then click the link to view the brochure.
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    Hi...just received my schedule for the orientation today...It looks pretty loosely organized except for a couple of PN only sessions. See everyone there!
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    Yeah I just got mine last night haha I was under the impression the majority of the day was going to be nursing-related activities; looks like its just the computer training and the one hour orientation. I think I'll probably get there around will leave time for the computer training, picking up my ID/handbook/schedule before noon. Not sure its going to take me from noon until the "Welcome" at 1:45 to eat though..wonder if there will be anything to do between those times?? See everyone there!

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