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What does everyone think about Stevens Henager's RN program? It is the only RN program that will work for me b/c it is at night, but I am worried that it might be hard to get a job afterwards since... Read More

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    Yah I did my prerequisites at weber state and the U of U. They all transfered in. The only prereq I had to take was communication arts! and I got to test out of OB, PEDS, and Fundamentals because I finished my LPN at a previous college. So I got 8 months to go! I started back in MAY 2012

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    I've heard many nurse managers state they are unwilling to hire a graduate from Steven's Henager. In addition the student loan debt is extremely large in most cases. Getting hired with an associate's degree in nursing is becoming more difficult every day.
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    Very well said, Pink! I appreciate your input and feedback. I am currently attending SHC myself and I am appreciative for the opportunity in obtaining my nursing degree because it is near impossible to get into other schools around my local area. Moreover, I find that the negative comments regarding a particular school (traditional colleges and otherwise) are usually from those who have had a negative experience. While SHC isn't the perfect school, name one that is; I've had trouble at regular universities, too.

    In short, to date, I am a satisfied SHC student; I just completed my pre-nursing classes and start nursing fundamentals on Monday! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. It is a fast-track program, but I knew that when I signed up.

    Thanks again for your posts, Pink.

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