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NO MORE WAIT LIST New applicants will be selected in a competitive process with probable changes to the current admission criteria. In August, SLCC suspended applications to the nursing program and will announce new... Read More

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    I called too! Apparently I called before they are technically open, but she did tell me it was a technology problem and they're working on it as fast as they can. She was really nice about it, but apparently I wasn't even the first call of the day.

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    Finally, some new info has been posted. Everything seems to apply to Spring 2013 start dates and later, not Fall of 2012 as implied at the Aug info sessions. The Hesi A2 exam will be required. I have an exam in one hour, so go to and go to the nursing page. Good luck!
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    Oh man, I was hoping they would post a point break down of criteria used to rate applicants.

    Anyway, good luck on your exam!
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    Thanks! I thought they would include that also. It sounds to me like they're still working out details maybe. Heading out the door.
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    A little disappointed in how vague it is.

    Particularly compared to some of the other health science programs updated admission requirements. Like, some of the allied health FAQ's mention formal group interviews, narrative essays describing health care experience signed by someone who can attest to your hours of work/volunteer experience and note that some programs have limits on the amount of re-takes of prereq's.

    Though, the nursing FAQ mentions that preference will be given to students who have college degrees and states when going over the HESI A2 requirement - "your proctored essay results will available to the division directly after the exam". Does the HESI A2 have an essay portion?
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    After a suspenseful two months, I think yesterday's announcement was fairly anti-climatic.

    Not including how candidates will be evaluated (point system or percentages) might mean they're not quite done figuring out how to implement this.

    It's frustrating that some issues were addressed in the faqs but not in the admission criteria, or in the case of health care experience, a possible discrepancy between the pdf and the faqs.

    So many unanswered questions. I emailed the nursing advisor this morning, but I imagine he is swamped right now.

    So I'm very much looking forward to the info session on Nov 16th.
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    the nursing advisor sent a detailed response to my questions, so here's what i received (copied and pasted to share with you). he is great about responding and i really appreciate how quickly he got back to me yesterday.

    1. yes, a point system will be used to rank/select students. i do not expect that the breakdown of points will be published, but you may ask this question at the information session.

    2. cna training is a requirement, and is mandatory and required prior to applying for the care experience is not mandatory, but additional points can be earned for having it.

    3. math 1020 may still be challenged.

    4. yes, additional points can be earned for having completed additional courses, i.e., general education courses, a.s. or b.s. degrees, etc.

    5. correct. no chemistry or physics in the hesi a2 exam.

    6. both. biol 1610/1615 is both a prerequisite for anatomy and physiology, however this course is also a mandatory prerequisite admissions requirement for the nursing program. transfer students who do not have this courses will be required to complete it course before applying to the program.

    7. retaken courses are acceptable, however students who complete “science courses” on the first attempt will receive more points for having done so than students who need to repeat a course.

    if you have further questions, i suggest emailing the advisor or posting here and i'll email. i know the information session will answer a lot of questions, but i'm hoping to provide them with all the questions in advance so they have the answers addressed ahead of time and no one leaves the info session being told "we'll get back to you on that." i guess you could say i'm trying to be part of the process.
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    Since SLCC is going to require the Hesi admission exam, be aware that a newer version of the study guide is coming out in March and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

    The second version is out now, but has many error according to some reviews (
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    the session on nov 16 was very informative. division chair of the nursing dept, judy scott, hosted the information session answered questions at length. she is smart and funny and an asset to the program, i think. here's a little more info about her

    despite speculation back in august that there would be openings in fall 2012 for the competitive application process, we know now that that won't be the case until spring 2013. the big surprise is how many. fifty of the eighty slots for the spring 2013 cohort will be available to applicants competing under the new admission standards.that's welcome new!

    apparently slcc has no intention to share the point breakdown for selecting candidates, though she did divulge some details. a cna certification at minimum is required, because the program no longer teaches those skills. you get "extra" points for direct patient care experience, but you get "double" points for cna work experience. so whether that means you get 2 points instead of 1, or ten instead of five, is kind of murky. and how that plays into the big scheme of things is unknown.

    she did say however that the two big areas were your most recent hesi a2 score and your prerequisite gpa (she might actually have said your science prereqs - i'm trying to get some clarification and i'm also under the impression that they will post faqs on the nursing website. so much better to get the information directly, of course.) there is no limit on retaking the hesi a2, and you must retake the whole exam if you don't pass in any one area. from other threads, i'm under the impression that the a&p section is barely covered in the study guide, but the questions on the exam are all encompassing. i'm using barron's e-z anatomy and physiology and kaplan's flash cards for an intensive review.

    i'll post more if i get clarification from deron, or if i remember anything else important. if you were there, and you see something that i'm missing, please share!

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