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NO MORE WAIT LIST New applicants will be selected in a competitive process with probable changes to the current admission criteria. In August, SLCC suspended applications to the nursing... Read More

  1. by   kdrm
    Four days left...

    As of this morning, this thread has had just under 500 views according to my statistics page, so I do think there's a tremendous amount of interest!

    I'm taking my CNA class this month, and hoping to find very flexible, very part-time work. We'll see. At least I'll have the cert done since SLCC requires it.
  2. by   everwonder_y
    I got an email on Wednesday apprising me of my new start date. It was a semester earlier, Spring 2016. LOL

    Along with this:
    "- Students will no longer be moved up on the acceptance list on an on-going basis. If a situation arises where an alternate student is needed, students will be contacted in placement order regarding the opportunity to enroll sooner than their confirmed start date.

    - Students will no longer be allowed to defer their confirmed start date. If you are unable to accept your start date when that time arrives, your name will be removed from the acceptance list. You may choose to reapply under the new admission criteria (available November 1, 2011)."

    So, I emailed back asking for clarification: if students drop off the waitlist, do those seats go to those next in line on the list, or to new applicants under the new criteria?

    The response said that those seats will go to new applicants, not those next in line on the list.

    Basically, (in my mind, at least) the wailtist is done for, unless you have a start date in 2013 or 2014, I guess. Who's going to wait around until 2016, for a start date? My anatomy and physiology classes would be over five years old!
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  3. by   kdrm
    1 more day...

    Spring 2016?! If you start the U's BSN program Fall 2012, you'll be done by May 2014, a full two years earlier than SLCC's ADN waiting list would even have you starting! Crazy. The waiting list needed to go away.

    I really anticipate that one of the changes to be announced tomorrow will be the requirement for anatomy and physiology to be not older than five years. The nursing director addresssed that at the info session and the dental hygiene program has had that requirement anyway. Of course, that may make registering for A&P even more difficult than it already has been!

    I think we should have started a pool on what the changes would be! This thread has had 541 views as of this morning. Maybe more people would have joined the conversation if there had been an incentive for the predictions that most closely matched the actual requirements to be announced tomorrow.

    I wonder if they will post the updates overnight, or first thing in the morning, or sometime later in the day. And I sure hope the server doesn't crash!
  4. by   everwonder_y
    I guess, (even though I don't want to admit it), I unconsciously hoped to have some kind of guarantee to fall back on, by having a place on SLCC's waitlist. Though, when I look outside myself and my insecurities, doing away with the waitlist is better for the profession as a whole (merit based admission=more respect for nurses) and ultimately more fair for all. It's just nerve wracking to have spent two years taking prereq's, while taking a pay cut to in order to get direct-patient-care experience - only to sit now in limbo. I'm ready to start already! LOL

    I also expected SLCC to post confirmed new start dates in March 2012 and hoped to at least move up a year or two, rather than just a semester, heh. IHC just announced selected students to start their next nursing cohort in Jan 2012. (400 applicants competed for 40 spots! yikes). My gf got in and she was on the waitlist with me; essentially another 40 spots are probably dropped off the waitlist now. I don't know what 'list' SLCC is planning to post in March 2012, if they've emailed new confirmed start dates already, yanno?

    Anyway, my bets are on a point system like MATC's that I posted up-thread. Though, I wonder if SLCC will require LOR's or give extra points for previous degrees?
  5. by   kdrm
    The nursing program director did not seem to think LOR's would be required, but that was at the end of August and who knows what's transpired since then.

    I know what you mean about at least subconsciously wanting to have that guaranteed admission to fall back on. My initial reaction was "Oh no" and I definitely got the impression that many of the people at the info sessions were pretty upset about the changes. My husband really put it in perspective for me, though.

    And I know what you mean about taking the prereqs and not knowing if you'll get accepted. I think that's whats been holding me back all these years. I couldn't get the prereqs done with my work schedule, but I couldn't afford to quit to do the prereqs and then languish for years on the waitlist. Not knowing if I'd get into the U or USU was too scary. I'm not sure what made me wake up in March one morning and know I'd worked my last day for the postal service and that it was now or never. I had no idea the changes to SLCC were coming, and initially they seemed really scary, but now I'm looking forward to whatever they announce so I know what I need to do. I know you're waiting on the U's decision, but do you think you'll also apply for any spots that are open at SLCC for Fall 2012? I'm assuming that if you met all the U's prereqs, you'll most definitely meet SLCC's.
  6. by   kdrm
    on the nursing page for slcc, there's a new link for "admission criteria november 2011" that then doesn't actually link to any new information.
    when i logged into my page (student account) there is this under campus announcements

    slcc nursing information meeting
    all students interested in applying for the college nursing program can come learn and ask questions about the new selective admission criteria for the slcc nursing program.
    november 16
    6 p.m. - 7 p.m.
    jordan campus
    jhs auditorium

    hopefully the website will have some information soon!
  7. by   everwonder_y
    oh man! A broken link?! After all this build-up? Boo!

    Hmm, maybe I should muster up some initiative and call...

    Okay, gave them a call, they said it should be up by the end of the day
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  8. by   kdrm
    I called too! Apparently I called before they are technically open, but she did tell me it was a technology problem and they're working on it as fast as they can. She was really nice about it, but apparently I wasn't even the first call of the day.
  9. by   kdrm
    Finally, some new info has been posted. Everything seems to apply to Spring 2013 start dates and later, not Fall of 2012 as implied at the Aug info sessions. The Hesi A2 exam will be required. I have an exam in one hour, so go to and go to the nursing page. Good luck!
  10. by   everwonder_y
    Oh man, I was hoping they would post a point break down of criteria used to rate applicants.

    Anyway, good luck on your exam!
  11. by   kdrm
    Thanks! I thought they would include that also. It sounds to me like they're still working out details maybe. Heading out the door.
  12. by   everwonder_y
    A little disappointed in how vague it is.

    Particularly compared to some of the other health science programs updated admission requirements. Like, some of the allied health FAQ's mention formal group interviews, narrative essays describing health care experience signed by someone who can attest to your hours of work/volunteer experience and note that some programs have limits on the amount of re-takes of prereq's.

    Though, the nursing FAQ mentions that preference will be given to students who have college degrees and states when going over the HESI A2 requirement - "your proctored essay results will available to the division directly after the exam". Does the HESI A2 have an essay portion?
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  13. by   kdrm
    After a suspenseful two months, I think yesterday's announcement was fairly anti-climatic.

    Not including how candidates will be evaluated (point system or percentages) might mean they're not quite done figuring out how to implement this.

    It's frustrating that some issues were addressed in the faqs but not in the admission criteria, or in the case of health care experience, a possible discrepancy between the pdf and the faqs.

    So many unanswered questions. I emailed the nursing advisor this morning, but I imagine he is swamped right now.

    So I'm very much looking forward to the info session on Nov 16th.

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