Anyone Attending Western Governors University Pre-licensure Nursing on Oct 2011? - page 2

Hi everyone, is there anyone planning on attending the cohort on Oct 2011? thanks... Read More

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    I am also! Where are you located? email me at and we can talk more
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    I was just accepted for the August cohort as well! Congratulations to both of you! I will be doing my clinicals at Cedar Sinai.
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    Congrats! You know where you're going already? I was told that wasn't going to be decided until sometime this week...
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    I was told we wouldn't find out until after August 19 or 20 when we get tested on our nursing skills boot camp. Then those who pass will later be told which hospital they will be going to.

    I live in Corona so I'll have to drive far either way, but both hospitals have great reputations.
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    Anyone know how many applied to this cohort?
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    I asked which hospital I got and they told me Cedars and they said the cohort was small only 9 so I think we are all attending Cedars but either way Huntington or Cedars is fine with me because I live in Upland! Congrats you guys! Glad to meet new friends to go along this exciting journey!
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    i'm sure there were alot but I was told that 13 for each hospital were invited however don't know how many were accepted. Wow! Upland? and Corona? You guys are FAR!! I live in the Southbay so I'm closer thank goodness! Anybody else have kids? I have four girls..Two sets of twins. Soooo, this should be an interesting journey for me, but i'm soooo excited and soooo ready for this phase!!!
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    I have one 19 month old little boy. I talked to a different enrollment counselor today than my normal one and he told me that Im on the list for Cedar Sinai. He said there were about 50 people who qualified for the program, and hundreds who applied but were not as qualified as we were. The first BSN graduating class ceremony will be July 23 in SLC and will be streamed live on their website. He said there is a graduation every January and July and we will go to one of those depending on when we finish.
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    I'm finishing up my bio chem in 2 weeks, then all my sciences will be complete, I'm not gonna be ready for the Oct cohort due to financial reasons, but is anybody going to any of the other hospitals, fountain valley, lakewood regional, or los alamitos. Any word on any cohorts after October?
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    I think they may be doing Riverside after the October cohort.
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    Where did you take biochem? Thats all i need
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    I took mine at Coastline Community College, its offered as an online course
    Coastline Community College
    CHEMISTRY C110 5.0 units
    Introduction to Chemistry
    A lab science course in principles of inorganic, organic, and biochemistry for transfer and for A.A. Degree programs in nursing, dietetics, paramedical, and other allied health fields.
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    For those of you who have started what do you guys think?

    Best of luck with your schooling and future nursing adventures

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