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Just curious if there are any UVU students visiting the forum :spin:... Read More

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    This year they are also accepting 60 instead of 40, so if there really is a larger pool this year that may help offset things. Denise said as of last Tuesday they had a little over 200 applicants which is pretty normal, but that doesn't mean that number will remain the same since the deadline is tomorrow. She came and talked to our NURS 1400 class yesterday. Aren't you taking that class too tfleuter?

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    Yup, I have the class this morning, so maybe she is talking to us today (taking it from Troy Nelson.) Troy had told us they were increasing the number of seats in the spring, but if they are changing it for this fall then Yee-Haw!! That will definately help a lot
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    Did you know that there is a new BSN program starting this Spring in South Jordan? Anyone with information?
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    Can anyone who is currently in the nursing program give me an idea of what the interview process is like?
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    Moved to UT Nursing Programs forum.

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