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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

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    I know its so competitive that its scary. Im starting to feel as though maybe I should go into a different area of healthcare because of the overpopulation of nurses now. I think I am just going to go my ADN now and later go back to school over time for physical therapy or something.

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    @marcopolo...it depends?! My advisor did tell me a couple weeks ago that a couple of the partnering hospitals (she didn't mention exact names) had SO many applicants that it became extremely competitive amongst themselves. So I am beginning to think that this program is gaining huge popularity and now more people are applying through the hospitals making that even tough to secure a seat. :-/

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    @tejas03 - are you going to try to get partnered at a hospital for Spring 2012 consideration? I just can't right now but if I don't get in this round, I think I will try to partner with a hospital for Fall 2012 application. I'll be done with pre-reqs by then and have a little more time on my hands.
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    @McKinneyMom...yes, that's my plan at this time too! I just can't find anymore time with the 4 class I'm finishing up this summer/fall to get a job. lol...my 3 kid's schedules are a full time job alone!! I agree that if I don't get accepted this Spring then I'll have to for sure get a job at one of the partnering hospitals so that I can be a little competitive. I'm just praying about it now and know everything is in God's time so I have to just be patient.

    Have a great Wednesday...I'm off to end of year activities (1st of about 4 this week..lol)
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    Hey,, I just applied for jan. 2012 BSN AP program. I got credit for all 4 science course from my previous studies. I have 3.85 GPA so far. And I am unpartnered.
    What do you think about my chances of getting in?? I am very nervous? Do HESI score count too??
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    hi all! i am currently awaiting an appointment with my advisor to even begin the online portion of the apbsn program. i am just curious tho, from those of you who have takin it...would you reccomend taking the a&p online as well as the other sciences , or should i take it on campus? i had to drop a&p last summer so that i could start my lvn and i really dont want two drops on my record and i am nervous to take it online for that reason.... also for those of you who took the sciences on campus do they accept the sciences from community colleges to satisfy the requirements? i am considering taking it at tcc next term but i dont want to waste my time and money if it will not transfer...i appreciate all advice thank you!!
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    I think it depends on your learning style. If you need to see it or hear it to really get a concept down, I wouldn't recommend taking the sciences classes online. It's a lot of reading in a very short time and there is little interaction. However, if you can make sense of something by reading it, I say take the sciences online! Except Chem - that was a doozy online
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    Thanks for the advice! I think I would b better off on campus then for sciences! Especially chem! does anybody know of a good professor at tcc for a&p my last one was a terror !! I'm closest to nw,ne, and tr campuses... Thanx all!
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    @acwilson06 - good luck!
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    2 more days until the app period closes! I don't feel as anxious this time around as I did for the Fall 2011 app period. Then again, I have so much going on that this is not consuming every fiber in my body! I do know that many applicants from the Houston and surrounding areas forwarded their requests to this app period because the school could not acquire clinicals in this area for the Fall class. Anyone else feel the same?
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    Quote from McKinneyMom

    I so relate with you on not being able to go to an on-campus program in this life phase with three little ones at home.

    I calculated my GPA with the classes I have taken than count in their calculation and it's 3.6, with a science 4.0. I talked to my advisor and she said that the average GPA of those accepted who were not partnered was 3.8 and the average wait-listed GPA for those not partnered was 3.7.

    If I don't get in for Spring 2012, I'll try to find a PRN/part time position at a partner hospital in order to be more competitive for Fall 2012. At least then I'll have finished all the pre-reqs and have a little time to work a night or weekend.

    It's definitely a balancing act with family life, huh?
    HI McKInney Mom,
    I am here again a 2nd time around. I am waitlisted for the Ap BSN program for FALL 2011 and yes my overall GPA came out to a 3.7, which sucks; However, if I do not get in I am going to apply to TWU and TCC. I wish us all the best of luck and I hope we all get in

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