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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

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    Girl...I wish it was October! It's November 1!! I threw caution to the wind and applied to both programs. Haven't received confirmations, but I have my receipts! I'm certain that my inbox will be full on tomorrow, so no worries here.
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    Hey guys!!! I too received confirmation that my application had been submitted. It's hard to imagine November but I guess it'll be here before we know it. :-/ I really wish they would give us some idea of how many applied in the next couple months...just really curious!! I'm in Patho now and that's keeping me plenty busy so I haven't had a chance to really even think about it...lol
    @Mochachild...it's weird but I'm not really anxious like I was last app time either! I guess I've come to realize that whatever God has in store for me will happen and I can't make anything happen that is not His will. Last time I put so much weight into getting in that when I didn't, I was really disappointed and so this time I'm completely in a different mind set.
    I'm just praying we can all get in! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day!!
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    @tejas03 & @Mochachild, I would love so much for all of us to get in together! I do feel like I've done all I can and will keep trying my best as I finish up pre-reqs (A&P2, patho, and pharma). The rest is out of my control like you said. The hard part is waiting
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    @McKinneyMom...yes, the waiting is the worst!! When are you taking A&P2? I'm so forgetful here lately and we may have already discussed this and I can't remember??! I'm taking (technically retaking) it in Aug. along with Pharm. I'm starting Micro (another retake) here on the 20th so hoping that goes well! I do really like these online classes...I can work them at my own time so that's nice!
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    Amen! Prayer changes things...situations...outcomes. The process may not be good, but it will be for our good! Yes, indeed! Happy Memorial Day to you as well!!

    When you've done all that you can do, that is really all that you can do. Keep pressing forward, girl! I believe that we'll all be victorious in the end!
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    Hey all!
    I just have question for thoese that have taken chem online. Is everything online or do you have to show up for tests?
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    Mckinney MOM,
    Thank you! I kinda don't want to get my hopes up because they are unable to disclose where I am on the waitinglist..No I am not partnered with a hospital, so I feel a little fortunate :/ I do not have a previous bachelors degree, just an Associates and I am a transfer student. I did not have any other consideration soley just my grades! However, from my understanding there are students that are partnered on the waitinglist as well and i believe they are way above me on that waitinglist. I am in a maymester right now to boost up my GPA a little more for the SPRING 2012. All I can do now is look FORWARD!!!
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    i applied to the traditional program and i have yet to receive an email. i handed mine in in-person. trying not to think about it because 5 month wait. sigh
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    Well we passed the deadline...wondering how many applied??!! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!
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    Wooohooo! I finally got over my fear that maybe I forgot to include something. Now the dreaded wait!!
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    Does anyone know if the UTA online science prereqs transfer to other universities? I plan on applying to UTA and other universities also. I need to take A&P I and II but if I take it online with UTA would other nursing colleges accept it since you are not taking the lab at an actual school.?.
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    yes, regardless if it is online or not it would be accepted as long as it is the correct course needed.
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    I was told to better my chances for the AP BSN program that I should consider getting a job at a partner hospital. I did. I have not started yet. I am wondering if there is a code or an application that must be filled out at the partner hospital that I will be working for in addition to my application to UTA for spring 2012?

    Thanks for the advise.