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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

  1. by   McKinneyMom
    @shan_901 , Chemistry was really tough online. There is a lab - you scan in your results and take pictures sometimes when you are doing the lab. It's interesting how it's set up! The professor I had is very helpful and responds right away to questions. I'm finding A&P and Micro easier online than Chem.
  2. by   BL3SS3D
    Hello all!
    I want to wish everyone the best about apply to the Spring '12 program! Reading all of your grades is a little discouraging because a lot of you have 4.0! I have an A in A&P I, B in A&P II and a B in Chem...I'm taking Micro this summer in hopes to make an A. I'm so scared and trying to stay optimistic about this whole experience but it's kind of hard!
  3. by   tejas03

    Did you say you have taken A&P 2 online also? I am going to retake that one too in Aug. When you took Micro did you have to take pics and upload for the lab? Just trying to figure out what to expect when I start Micro in a couple wks?? Thx!
  4. by   McKinneyMom
    @BL3SSD - it's definitely nerve wracking. Hoping for the best for all of us!!

    @tejas - I am in Micro now (over June 10th). I haven't had to take any pictures for this lab. There is a weekly lab assignment where you look at virtual slides (we don't use a real microscope), etc. There are lab questions and a weekly lab quiz (along with weekly lecture quizzes). We have not been assigned a "lab report" to turn in. Then there is a big lab final at the end of the class that covers each lab. Feel free to private message me for more info, etc...
  5. by   Mochachild

    Yeah...it's very nerve wrecking trying to"measure up" the competition. So I don't try to because there will always be someone with better this or better that. And so it is with life- something better around the corner. Just make sure that YOU are your best self. And at the end of the day, that's all that one can ask of themselves. We'll get through it!
  6. by   KNguyen7170
    Hello UTA Online Students!

    Who those for will be taking A&PII online at UTA, I have the Fetal Pig LaqPaq (part of the lab requirement) for sale, brand new never opened. To make a long story short, I signed up ready to take the class however my anatomy class from chiro school was accepted at UTA so I was stuck with this $250 LabPaq . Please email me if you're interested: ktnguyen@mavs.uta.edu.
  7. by   alinino
    quick question anyone. if you took the hesi exam elsewhere and not at uta, is it okay to just print results that are online or does it need to be an official document like our transcripts? i just submitted my application friday and just thought of this now. and while i have emailed my advisor, it will not be until monday before i will get an answer. just too darn impatient. lol

    thanks in advance if you can anser this! good luck to everyone, as well!
  8. by   alinino

    Yes, it is nice to have them near and dear. However, sometimes it can complicate things bc you know a grandparent's job is to spoil them rotten and let them get away with muder. lol

    Just keep faith. It took me be 2 years to get to this point after almost a decade of trial and error. Man, I wish I knew what I wanted to do when I was right out of HS and was in the right mind frame to get it done.

    Good luck!
  9. by   tejas03
    @alinino....I think you can just print from the Evolve website and fax that to them. That's what I did and it was never an issue. How did you do on the HESI?

    Yes, I wish I would have done this about 10 years ago. I said right after LVN school I would bridge and fast forward 10 years, a husband, 3 young children later...life has just been in crazy mode but I'm on it now!! hahaha

    Hope you all are staying dry this rainy Monday morning! Anyone else have any news to share? I did try to call and speak to the education coordinator at JPS on Friday but had to leave a msg. I have some questions I am hoping she can answer about how applicants that work there are selected. Other than that....I'm on to week 2 of patho and it's quite a lot of work!! yikes!!

    @KNguyen7170...I'm retaking A&P2 in Aug. I'm a little nervous since it's been 10 years since I took an A&P (got a B and really need an A to pull up my GPA). Any thoughts on the class??!!
  10. by   alinino
    Thanks! Yeah, I included a copy in application. I was so nervous turning it thinking I would forget something.

    Yes, could of, should of ,would of but we are doing it now. it is very nervewrecking. My motivation has been my current job dissastisfaction. While I am blessed to have a job, I have only 66 days left after being here 9 years. Super excited!

    I took a really good professor at NL online. Simply 4 or 5 exams. Case studies and I think a power point.
  11. by   alinino
    oh and as far as the hesi. i think it was 93% or 94% overall. i took twice when i originally was going to apply to el centro.

    now we just have to survive the excruciating pain of waiting!
  12. by   tnichole
    Hi all-

    I just applied to the AP Nursing program too and this wait is going to be excrutiating (no word till like November ) I have taken most of my pre-reqs at el centro and a couple come from UT. My overall GPA is a 3.73 and Science GPA is 4.0 and am not partnered. I am taking the HESI tomorrow, so we shall see. I wish everybody luck!
  13. by   marcopolo
    i know you all briefly touched up on this but do people that work for a partnered hospital have a huge chance of getting accepted with a decent gpa for example 3.5 for both science and overall?
    Deciding if I want to go to uta or accept a offer for a adn program that I have one day left to decide. Thanks guy!! Good luck to all!