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  1. I was wondering if there was any group work that had to be done throughout the program? I talked to my advisor from uta & he said there was no group work, but some people on here did mention it & said it was horrible. I just don't want to be misled by my advisor!
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  3. by   ScarletFire

    yes, there are group projects. i haven't had any yet, but i will. nursing research (N4325) is the one everyone here on allnurses talk about. if you peruse some of the posts here you will find discussions on the group-thing in N4325. i also heard that history and art appreciation involves group projects, too.

    can't speak about all the advisors, but mine, at least, was very ill-informed about the specifics of these classes and many other aspects of UTA, for that matter. i don't want to bore you w/ my stories, but i wouldn't rely on them for class details, if i were you. that's really why i came here to allnurses.....these are nurses who are taking these classes in real time and will give you the truth. of course, everyone has their own idea of what is easy and what is hard, but details such as whether there is group work or not isn't someone's opinion....it's fact. nursing research involves group work

    but, there is nothing we can do about it and we all have to take that class, so that is that. at least you can come here to find some great people who are always happy to help you. misery loves company.
  4. by   wildcatjlo
    Thank you sooo much for your input! It just makes me think twice about what my advisor says!
  5. by   ScarletFire
    You are welcome.
  6. by   victoriausar
    I just finished Research (May 2015) at UTA. It is the hardest class I have taken there. Barely passed with at 82. There is no longer any group work but lots of reading and papers. Follow the rubric even though it is very confusing sometimes. Make sure you print out the quizlets and fill out all of the worksheets. You will need them for the quizzes. The highest quiz score I received was an 80.
    Try to take this class by itself, I took with N4455 so it was tough.
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