UTA online Pathophysiology

  1. I am about to start the UTA online Pathophysiology class and wanted to know if anyone had taken the class and could offer any advice? You can PM if you want. I am just wondering how intense the class is and how is was structured?
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  3. by   Mochachild
    You will have discussions, responses to discussions and quizzes due weekly. This class is well structured. Follow the syllabus and you will be fine.
  4. by   stephwp
    Hi Tejas 03- we seem to be crossing paths a lot on here

    I am taking this class as well and it's a little overwhelming! I work full-time also, so that is my main concern, fitting it all in...Goodbye to all my nights/weekends.
  5. by   eldraper7
    I am very interested and how this class work as well. It does seem a bit overwhelming. The reading usually takes 3 hours for each chapter and the modules seem like it will take the same amount of time. So I wonder should I just do the modules in place of all the reading and just read what they recommend.
  6. by   tejas03

    lol..yes, we do!! I am finding the information overwhelming too!
    @eldraper7- Welcome!

    I haven't really got a good feel yet as to if you could do just modules and skim reading??! Maybe after this weeks quiz I'll know more about what info is included and where it seems you get the most information from. Hope you all are hanging in there!
  7. by   stephwp
    I noticed that the first quiz is only worth 5% of our grade versus the rest that are 7% each. I guess she's trying to give us a chance to get a feel for the quizzes with the first one

    I'm reading the chapters but not as slowly as I normally do (I just don't have time!) and I'm definitely doing the modules. Hopefully that will be enough...

    It seems that I read somewhere on here that in nursing school you have to learn to skim what's important because there is just too much material to spend tons of time on everything.
  8. by   tejas03
    @stephwp...I'm with you and doing the exact same!! I just posted the discussion board for the 1st time and now continuing to work the modules. I think your right about the 1st quiz only being 5% cause we have to know what she is looking for and how she tests so I'm loving that!!!
  9. by   McKinneyMom
    Hey Path friends I'm taking Path and Pharma online @UTA in Sept. How are they going so far? How are they compared to the other online classes you have taken?

  10. by   tejas03
    @McKinneyMom...oh my goodness!! Patho is a lot of information to read and process!! When I looked at the syllabus I thought...wow only quizzes and a discussion each week..this will be easy! ugh...no! You will have modules for each week (it varies but last couple weeks have been 3-4) and they each have about 60-100 slides. I've talked to a couple ppl who say they are just reading the book and not doing the modules (because modules do not count towards grade) but I am learning a lot from them so I say they are well worth the time! Been huge help when I take the quizzes. Just be prepared for a lot of information and a lot of time to be spent on this class and you will do fine!
  11. by   McKinneyMom
    @tejas - thanks for the info! I figured it must be a *lot* of info since it is a 3mo class and not 8 weeks like the others online.
  12. by   txsuzy
    I finished Patho with Todd in April. I skimmed the chapters, but focused most of my time and energy on the modules... including the practice tests. I got an A. Hope this helps!
  13. by   Judyduckett
    please help...i am really struggling in this class...any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  14. by   Judyduckett
    i've been more focused on the book...should i just focus on module practice exam...is that where you found most of answers to quiz? i currently have a C with only 4 weeks left...i dont know what to do.