UTA NURS 3425 Health Assessment to start 1-14-2013 - page 3

This thread is for anyone taking Holistic health assessment on-line at UTA starting Jan 14th 2013. Hopefully we can get a good thread going in order to provide support for each other as we go. The more students who participate,... Read More

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    how do we know week 1 readings already?? I didn't see that in the syllabus. Good to know. I'll get started.

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    You guys will get through it just like everyone before you. It's not bad. It's just time consuming. All the best yall.
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    Im just guessing at what week one readings are. In the email from J Micheals, with the link to the sylibus,it states that week one readings are avialable on line through the Library. The readings she has posted on reserve in the library are Chaters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,29,30,31,32,33. Since blackboard is not going to open until Sunday, Im just guessing that chaters 1-8 are for week one.
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    I just sent in my Attestation form, and i'm looking at the assignments.
    What do you all think??
    The readings are a bit much, but then again i'm still waiting for my textbook so reading online kinda sucks.
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    As usual everything about the assignments and the course in general is crystal clear
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    It definitely looks busy. I'm taking Leadership and Federal Government also, so I guess I will put my social life on hold again.
    If it wasn't for sample assignments in these classes, I would be completely lost! As far as the readings...I have yet to complete all assigned readings for any class, so I doubt I will start now! I skim over everything....this works for me!
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    Just looked at assignments. Not going to get overwhelmed yet. Figure I will put my best foot forward and try the best I can with the time I have to allot to this endeavor. We all have lives don't we?! Sometimes I can't remember. Glad I have understanding family and friends.

    We can do it. Thanks for everyone's input and help in advance!!!!!!!
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    Just finished my discussion board assignment. It always makes me feel a bit better to have one thing done and out of the way.
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    Your are setting the bar high Way to go!!!
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    I like the motivation! It makes me feel like i'm behind, so i'm gonna start mine.

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