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Hi, I'm seriously considering the 15 month BSN program (for non-RNs) at UT later this year, obviously when my preqs are out the way. Wanted to know if anybody out there has done this program or know of someone who has? How was... Read More

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    This is a very intense program. I am in my Senior 1 semester, and graduate in May 2012. I was an A student, with a 4.0 before I started taking the nursing classes, not anymore! I also have a baby, though, who was only 3 months old when I started the program (he's eleven months old now), so that has caused my grades to drop. I feel like I could do better but it would be at the expense of spending even less time with him and my husband, and I won't do that. You really cannot work full-time and do this program.

    I work 20 hours a week at Baylor, but have my son in full time day care, because I need all of those hours to study. Seriously, I try to pass off as many of my hours as I can to my co-workers who want them. The online classes are very time consuming, with multiple pod casts, online lectures, slideshows, etc. You really need to be self motivated to do the material.

    My clinical group does most of our clinical rotations at Baylor Dallas. We went to JPS for Psych, and I am currently at Childrens' Dallas for Pediatrics. Back to Baylor next week for Critical Care rotation. My group has testing on Wednesdays. The tests are difficult, and require critical thinking and application of the knowledge learned in class. My advice is to DO YOUR READING...and whatever else you find helpful. If your instructor offers to to a live webinar, attend if at all possible! It is a great opportunity to ask questions and get helpful advice for the tests. You have to pick what material and resources will be most helpful to you, and use your own smarts to do it, because unless you don't work and don't have kids and don't have any kind of life other than school, you will NEVER have time to do everything they tell you to do.

    Also, I didn't have to sign any contract with my partner hospital (I work at Baylor). Neither did anyone else in my clinical group, including one girl who who is not employed with any of the partner hospitals. In fact, one of my classmates quit Baylor because her department would not work with her school schedule. So I don't know if it is only certain hospitals that require you to sign a contract, but I can tell you that Baylor does not.

    Hope that helps! Good luck.

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    I work @ Plaza in Fort Worth, they dont require a contract either, in addition I'm Prn and only required to work 4 shifts a month. I applied fot the nursing program back in June and still haven't heard anything and my advisor claims they dont know when the letters are going out ....so i'm dying over here. When did you guys get your letters? Please let me know if there are any books, websites ect that may help me be successful in this program. Any tips, suggestion will be greatly appriciated. Let me know if you're interested in getting rid of your old books are whatever you dont want or need anymore. My # is 817-907-4571 email address is duckett12@sbcglobal.net.
    Thank you for your time-keep in touch.
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    I did not know that MD Anderson and Plaza Medical were partnering hospitals with UTA AP BSN program??! They were not listed on the listed that my advisor sent me for the Spring '12 program. I wonder why this is??! This is the list she sent...

    Spring 2012 AP BSN Partner Hospitals:
    THR Dallas (Presbyterian)
    THR Arlington Memorial
    TBD (THR)
    TBD (THR)
    Baylor Medical Center
    Parkland & Dallas Children’s
    John peter Smith (JPS) & Cook Children’s
    HCA Plano
    St. Elizabeth (Beaumont)

    Do you all know of others that were not listed??!!!
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    Plaza is under the HCA umbrella.
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    Do you happen to know when letters are going out?
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    Oh ok..thanks for giving me the heads up. I guess I didn't realize all of HCA was considered partnered....good to know, especially if I need to get a job to be considered "partnered" for next go around....in case I don't get accepted this time...I'm praying but also realistic! :-/
    I was told by my advisor that 1st of November at the latest I could expect to hear something (actually she said "mid Oct was their goal" but I've talked to way too many other applicants that their advisors say "1st of November"). Only a couple more weeks hopefully!! Good luck and thanks, again, for helping clear up my confusion.
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    Plaza doesn't require you to sign a contract for AP Program, however if you go through their program which is web-based @El Centro; they require a 2 year contract in addition to working 36 hrs for them during the program-now that really sucks. I know several nurses that are doing the El Centro program and are struggling to work and go to school. So how's everything going with you and Uta online programs?
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    your welcome, let me know if i can help with anything else.
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    has anyone taken ap ap2 and micro with uta online, rn-bsn program? how intense is it? i'm weighing out taking it there or at my local community college.


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