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Hi, I'm seriously considering the 15 month BSN program (for non-RNs) at UT later this year, obviously when my preqs are out the way. Wanted to know if anybody out there has done this program or know... Read More

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    Plaza is under the HCA umbrella.
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    Do you happen to know when letters are going out?
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    Oh ok..thanks for giving me the heads up. I guess I didn't realize all of HCA was considered partnered....good to know, especially if I need to get a job to be considered "partnered" for next go around....in case I don't get accepted this time...I'm praying but also realistic! :-/
    I was told by my advisor that 1st of November at the latest I could expect to hear something (actually she said "mid Oct was their goal" but I've talked to way too many other applicants that their advisors say "1st of November"). Only a couple more weeks hopefully!! Good luck and thanks, again, for helping clear up my confusion.
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    Plaza doesn't require you to sign a contract for AP Program, however if you go through their program which is web-based @El Centro; they require a 2 year contract in addition to working 36 hrs for them during the program-now that really sucks. I know several nurses that are doing the El Centro program and are struggling to work and go to school. So how's everything going with you and Uta online programs?
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    your welcome, let me know if i can help with anything else.
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    [font=times]has anyone taken ap ap2 and micro with uta online, rn-bsn program? how intense is it? i'm weighing out taking it there or at my local community college.


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