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  1. Hello everyone!!

    I am currently completing my pre-requisites for UTA's AO-BSN program through HCC.

    I was interested in finding out more about the process of getting in and how the program really is from someone who has actually been through it!!

    I'd like to know the likelihood of getting into the program-- I have a high GPA (3.9), have worked in surgery for 7 years now, and I have already been accepted into the University. I should be completing my pre-requisites by the end of this year and I hope to have my application in to the nursing program by next June. I plan on taking the HESI A2 between January and March of 2018.

    Does anyone have any advice, comments, or general hopeful encouragement? I'm nervous about not being accepted because I know how competitive the program is!

    Thank you,

    Rianne, CSTII (FUTURE RN, BSN!)
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  3. by   49erintx
    UTA now requires the TEAS, I believe. Double check that before you do the HESI.

    Bad Request

    "Pre-Licensure BSN students admitted to UTA Fall 2017 and after—as freshmen or transfer students—are required to take the TEAS exam for their standardized admission exam to the upper-division nursing program. Students advised by their BSN Academic Advisor prior to the Fall 2017 semester can take either the TEAS exam or the HESI A2 exam."
  4. by   rianne_w
    Thank you! My advisor told me HESI, but I will definitely re-check.