N4455 Jan 14, '13

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    Just looking for fellow N4455 classmates!! Anyone else out there??

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    Good Morning, I am also enrolled in the 4455 Leadership Class. Good luck!!! Posted both discussion boards this morning and and now looking at the shadowing plan.
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    I'm enrolled in the class! Just getting started now!
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    Me too I am already stressing lol
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    It doesn't seem too bad so far, but I haven't done the situational analysis....any ideas what this is???
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    Also, for the Shadowing plan we are to state three areas of leadership we plan to observe....what are the areas of leasersip to choose from or where can we find these?? Thanks.
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    I have no idea where to find them but I am thinking things like delegating, schdules, mentoring and budgets maybe? I really am not sure either, and I am about to try the stituational analysis....
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    I'm stressing out about the Situational Analysis!!! Guess, I'll have to tackle it!!
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    I completely misunderstood the rubric.... three observations of leadership tasks ....three OBSERVATIONS, not TASKS! So I think we have to set up 3 meetings.

    Duh, don't know what I was thinking!
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    No you could knock it out in one visit

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