Medical Terminology BIOL 3309

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    I just registered for this course. Is is just a lot of memorization? Is it a time consuming class? I will be taking it with health promotions. I looked at the online book store and their is a book packet that is required. What's in the packet?

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    Just finished that over the summer. It is time consuming but no memorization. It is literally breaking every medical work into parts, e.g. prefix, suffix, combining form. The quizzes were very answer specific so be sure to put a - before and after your answer depending on the question (-scope). The virtual hospital activities are really cool but take a lot of time. They have probably changed it up a bit as we were first class since they went to Blackboard from Epic. Just stay on top of your virtual stuff as it is used as part of your grade so don't blow if off till the end thinking you'll get it all done in one night.

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    I am taking this class also in Jan. Do we need the book???? I thought there are only tests
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    I'm not sure if you could get away without the book. I certainly couldn't. There is a web-interactive part of the course which you use to take practice quizzes and there is a lecture presentation included in the course documents for each chapter, too, so I guess it's possible. This class is a lot more than it seems. I'll be taking my last test today and I will glad to be done with it. It is not just medical terminology, but anatomy and physiology, too and covers every single medical system known to man. The test questions are very specific and obscure, so even though you know your stuff, it is easy to miss some of them. Also, you only have 30 min for 50 questions, so you have to move fast. Also, the tests are only available on a certain day and one day only, so you'd better not have anything else to do on that day and if you do, you essentially cannot take the class. Let me know if you need any other info.
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    Thanks a lot Scarletfire for info. It really helps to know what I am going to deal with::)) Can You do my a big favor and give me the ISBN # for the book
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    Medical Language, 2nd edition by Susan Turley
    ISBN-13: 978-0-13-505578-6

    I was unable to find it anywhere but from UTA bookstore. It cost $98 . Yes, that's right. With the book, you also get an access code which enables you to get into the Pearson site to do the Web Interactive games and quizzes.

    Don't hesitate to PM me whenever and I'll give you more details.
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    Just finished this class. Rent the book from Chegg for $10 for the 8 weeks and buy the interactive code separately for about $30. thats the cheapest way I found.

    Class is time consuming and boring if you are already in the medical field. The exams easy but the clock is horrible, 50 questions in 30minutes. Seems doable but its nerve wracking. Teacher is better to contact than the coach.
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    Found the book on amazaon for $25 but I want to make sure it is the right one. on the front cover there is a guy sitting backward wearing a diving suit. Is this the right one?
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    Yes thats the book. but why buy it when you can just rent for cheaper?
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    That's great that you all found the book so cheaply. I didn't know you could get the book and the access code separately. I decided on taking the class at the very last minute because it was going to mean taking 3 classes concurrently (which I ended up doing), so I had to register for the class only a couple days before it started. I didn't have a lot time to look around to find it cheaper than at the UTA bookstore.
    nursemansi is right about the timing of the tests. 30 min goes by fast when you have 50 questions to answer. Still, much of the material will be things you already know, so that's a plus. I never had to contact anyone to ask any questions; things seemed to be pretty straightforward.

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