How much study time to plan for in science?

  1. I am starting UTA's, AP BSN program this spring with cell and molecular biology and sociology. I got the biology syllabus today and read through the first required chapter.

    How much time did you put in for a science class like biology? I feel like I am going to have to put in at least 4 hours everyday to keep up and be prepared for 4 exams all done in the last 4 weeks for just science. I have only read one chapter and I know I am going to need to go over it a few more times to really get it down well. Does that time frame sound about right? Is this just the beginning jitters?

    I am wondering if this class has an open book final or how long they give you on each exam? I am super nervous about being able to handle this course load and get A's.
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  3. by   deanew
    Are you taking this class online or in class?
    I took CHEM1451 last semester online with Seiichiro in an 8 week class. I loved my A&P classes but I hated chemistry.
    We had 6 (or 7) test, weekly pre-lab assignments, and weekly labs.
    She dropped our lowest lab grade, and substituted our last test grade for our lowest test grade if it helped our average.
    And then we had a final.
    Our weekly test were only 10-20 questions.
    All test and quizes were timed and taken on blackboard. Because it was online, we took our test at home.
    I didn't give this class my all. I hated it and only did enough to get by. My final grade was an 88.4 and she didn't round up. This is the only B I have on my transcript.
    It is important that you understand each chapter as they tend to build on each other.

    Good luck and I hope this helped.
  4. by   Trenata
    Thanks deanew!