How did you all plan out your classes?

  1. So, I'm enrolled in Engl. Comp II starting 3/25, followed by the 10-week Prof. Nursing starting 4/8. I'm going on the assumption that I cannot enroll in another nursing course until Prof. Nursing is completed in the middle of June. From there I am looking to take at least four courses over the summer, and possibly even 5 courses in the Fall.

    When looking online, the course schedule for the Spring is the only one listed. Is there another way to find out what courses will be available in the future? Ideally I would like to plan them out as far in advance as possible. The only consideration I need to consider is that Capstone cannot be taken with another nursing course, correct?

    Just trying to see what you guys used to plan out your courses...has anyone had a scenario where you had a week of 3 courses (finishing up one or two and starting another or vice-versa?)

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  3. by   vizzle
    I am just sitting down to do this now. I just got the new schedule, which i believe came out today. I am actually on here to find what classes people successfully doubled up on as I make my plan.