Have anyone applied UTA Spring 2018 on-campus and online yet?

  1. Hello!
    I am a current student in UTA.
    I was a transferred student, so I finished most prerequisities classes and all my science courses from a Community College.
    I finally finished all my pre-nursing courses & upper division elective course in UTA by this semester (Spring 2017).
    I just took HESI a few days ago, and I was able to apply to the Nursing school in Spring 2018 for on-campus and online.
    (However, I prefer on-campus)

    I have heard that the Spring acceptance letter would come around
    September (my friend told me who have accepted in UTA nursing school for Spring 2017. My friend was not waitlisted).

    I am curious when people will hear again for their acceptance if they were waitlisted for spring semester? And does UTA do "first-person-first-serve"?

    My overall GPA is 3.5
    (I ruined my GPA so much after I took pre-nursing courses T_T)
    and my Science GPA is 3.8.

    I know people who are waitlisted for Fall 2017 even though they have good GPA.
    ( One of my friends got waitlisted for fall 2017. My friend's overall GPA is 3.9 and took some courses from CC. This news made me very scared and discouraging T_T )

    Do you think I have a chance to get in nursing school?
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  3. by   Soon2bNurseKay
    You definitely have a chance. When I went in for new student orientation last month, they advised us to have GPAs from 3.5-4.0 in both science and overall. Hopefully, you are chosen in September. I'm actually applying for Fall 2018 as I still have Patho, Pharm, Stats, and Upper elective to take. I current have 4.0 science & 3.81 overall. I wish you luck for Spring 2018
  4. by   Yunikat
    I just got into nursing program for spring 2018 in UTA