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We made it! Let's all pitch in to make this last class an easy one :)... Read More

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    Hi chicagoRNlove!
    I am sooo glad I found someone else taking this course right now! I am a bit loss with this project. Have you received any further clarification? Would love to hear thought.
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    Hi TXgirlRN02!
    Clarification in regards to what aspect? Which portion is troubling you?
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    Officially hate this class....
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    yea,me too. Did you see that the power point and evaluation is due on Friday of week 4 and then the week 5 assignments are due Monday at 8:00. We have a full 15 or 16 hours to complete our discussion for that week as well. I fell like I am working on about 5 things at once. I want to do the week three assignment but I need week 2 back so I can see if my objectives were even correct. I am annoyed that they had to cram so much into the very last class. You would think at this point we have already proven ourselves and we might actually get a break.
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    Haha we could wish they would give us a break! At this point I feel like I'm just throwing assignments at their face to get out of here. This morning I turned in the worst essay I've ever written for my English Lit class because I just don't have time for this mess anymore.
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    I literally am churning out assignments hoping to just pass. I don't care anymore. The instructions for the assignments are just ridiculous and vague as usual, and I have no patience to decipher anything anymore.
    The end is not close enough man
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    Think I can take Capstone with Texas Government? I was really hoping the last nursing class would be less stressful
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    So far, all I've learned is that I do not want to be a nurse manager...thanks for crushing my dreams UTA. Well done.
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    rosemrn, I'm taking capstone with British lit right now and although it's doable, I am just so done with this program at this point. If you manage your time well though it should be possible (but I didn't take gov at UTA so I'm not sure how crazy it is).

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    Quote from rosemrn
    Think I can take Capstone with Texas Government? I was really hoping the last nursing class would be less stressful
    Hi rosemrn,
    I took Texas politics, I'm not sure if that's the same class as Tex gov. But I recall Tex Politics being pretty burdensome due to the exams. 5 exams and one paper was the total grade. And unless you like politics, the info is really dry.
    I think any class combo is doable if you're willing to sacrifice sleep and health. I can understand being motivated to put capstone and it together just to finish this crazy program.