CAPSTONE Start: 11/4/2013

  1. We made it! Let's all pitch in to make this last class an easy one
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  3. by   mushyrn
    I'll be starting this day!! Sooooo ready to be finished, I can't even begin haha.

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  4. by   ScarletFire
    Quote from chicagoRNlove
    We made it! Let's all pitch in to make this last class an easy one

    Hey Chicago,

    Glad to hear you're almost at the end! It is a great feeling to come home from work and realize you don't have to take a quiz or write a discussion. I'll be around if you have any questions about this class. It's sort of a pain in the arse, due to the fact that the instructions for the assignments are sort of vague (what a shock). But hey, in 5 weeks, it will all be a distant memory…...

  5. by   Meriwhen
    You're going to like this one. It's a nice change after the last few classes...though be prepared to whip out those PowerPoint and research article search skills one final time
  6. by   maryannmartin75
    You know I am with you Chicago!! We will get through this and be done!! Only 6 weeks until this is all a distant memory!!!!
  7. by   mmccluskey
    6 weeks and DONE!!! (As long as I pass Algebra too!!)
  8. by   chicagoRNlove
    Class starts officially tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday Funday.
  9. by   Meriwhen
    This class you really will have to work ahead in a way because of when all the deadlines fall, and they have a very strict penalty for late submissions (50%!). This is doubly true if you're in another time zone. But at least you can work ahead in this class.

    It's really not all that bad though.
  10. by   rosemrn
    How do things look so far! This is last nursing class I have left and plan on taking with Texas Government in the Spring! Hope those will be doable together. Best of luck to you all and congrats on finishing up in a few weeks.
  11. by   chicagoRNlove
    GOSH! Would it kill them to be more specific with their instructions for these project assignments?

    For those of you who have already completed Capstone, how specific did you get with ur project topic?
  12. by   TXgirlRN02
    Hi chicagoRNlove!
    I am sooo glad I found someone else taking this course right now! I am a bit loss with this project. Have you received any further clarification? Would love to hear thought.
  13. by   chicagoRNlove
    Hi TXgirlRN02!
    Clarification in regards to what aspect? Which portion is troubling you?
  14. by   chicagoRNlove
    Officially hate this class....