Can someone give me feedback about science at UTA, PLEASE!

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    I am planning out my schedule for the upcoming semesters. I wanted to take Chemistry before Anatomy and Physiology I & II, however I either need to take A&P I first then chemistry and then A&P II or I have to take chemistry first before either A&Ps and then be pushed back an entire semester and summer - so essentially a half year.

    I really don't know how much chemistry is involved in A&P I. Is there much? I really want to help myself succeed and retain info and if chemistry prior would help, that is what I want to do. However if A&P I is mainly memorizing parts of the body, then I feel that I can take that prior to Chemistry. However, I would have to break up A&P I and A&P II by half a year.

    Does that make any sense whatsoever? If so, and you have experience with these sciences, I would really appreciate some feedback! Thanks!
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    I took the UTA online Chemistry, the labs were a PITA but doable. I did not take A&P at UTA, but there is not much chemistry involved. The chemistry involved in A&P is mostly just factoid type things you can easily memorize.
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    Hi MarkG. Can you give me a little more info on how the online chem course works at UTA? Are exams proctored? I won't be able to go to campus and I am totally against the proctorU thing so before I registered I was wondering how it was actually structured (homework, exams, lab) Hopefully you will get this timely as I see your post is over a year old