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by kludiczka

Hi, all I am currently doing a degree in early years and psychology but having been working in a forensic mental health unit as a support staff, I have realized that I want to go into nursing after. This is where the question... Read More

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    some universities offer a fast track 2 year graduate entry diploma in nursing for students. I just did a search and the first random one that came up:

    Study Adult Nursing Postgraduate Degree Course At City University London | City University London

    I think quite a few of the bigger city universities do offer it. My local uni does, it's possible yours does as well.
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    Would like to know how this will translate when NMC from this Year states training will no longer be diploma but degree?
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    Thank you! I might have to consider doing another 3 years degree (money permitting) as I am still in my second year of Psychology degree. I was informed that the uni is unable to confirm their courses for 2015... Thank you for all of the links x
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    What is the difference between a diploma and a bachelor degree?
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    The end qualification is the same, however it takes less time to obtain the diploma. My local uni has now changed the Diplomas and put GEN instead. This is just like the diploma is done over 2 years but you get MSc title at the end of it. However to do either one of those you must hold a relevant undergraduate degree already.