What to expect in pay and per diems??

  1. 0 I am a NICU nurse with 2 years exp and am ready to start traveling. I need help knowing what is a good package. One agency told me 4200 a month in per diem and $10 per hour for Denver, CO. That sounds not quite right. She said there is a new tax laws that let them offer higher per diems that are tax free. I dont want to make a mistake. I thought travelers made more that that.
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    I think you should check with the IRS to see if this is legit. I think these companies are getting greedy by not paying employment tax based on a hourly rate that is suitable for the nursing occupation. It's blatant tax fraud and these guys need to get reported in order to stop this crap! Google IRS Whistle Blower Program and see if you can get these knuckleheads audited.
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    I was told by an accountant, who is not that familiar with travel nursing so take it with a grain of salt, that anything under 17-18$/hour is a red flag to the IRS.
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    I just posted a long reply in the topic regarding stop taking less per hour. Please read it and a lot of other information before accepting that contract. PM me if you like I am going through an IRS audit currently and I do not recommend it.


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