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anyone heard of valley healthcare or flexcare staffing? Good? Bad?... Read More

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    I'm currently on an assignment with Flexcare. I've been working with them for the past year and I LOVE them. I've taken assignments with 2 other agencies before them and I think they're the best agency for me. The bulk of their assignments are in California but they're starting to branch out. There are SO many travel agencies out there so shop around. With every assignment you take, network with the other travelers and ask about their agencies/recruiters. Recruiters are another thing.....your recruiter can make or break your entire experience and/or your view of the agency. I almost left Flexcare last year because my recruiter all of a sudden started to suck but after they changed my recruiter things changed dramatically. Oh, and most travelers think whatever agency they use is the best agency, so just be careful and make sure you get with a company that works for YOU.

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    Thanks so much!
    I think I will def look into flex care since they are based out in california.. I spoke with someone briefly and she sounded really nice but did not go over any logistics.
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    All the agencies that was mentioned in previous threads I have actually worked for and was very happy with them. I'm still currently working with all of them... it just depends on which agency has contracts with the specific hospitals I want to work for is how I decide which I work with. I don't think you will have a problem with any of the 3 agencies mentioned.

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