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    I have been an ER nurse for over three years and have done one assignment in St Croix. My wife and I had a baby 4 months ago. She is a certified teacher but has been doing substituting since the baby was born with plans to go back to work in August. I would like to do another assignment this summer before she starts working full time again. The wife, baby, and small dog would all need to come to make this happen. Anyone have advice on travelling with wife and baby? Would you suggest driving vs flying? We would like to do something in California. My biggest two concerns will be insurance and safe/secure housing. I feel like I can handle a crummy ER for 13 weeks as long as their housing will be safe and in a place where we can get out and do and see some things. Any advice is appreciated.

    P.S. My wife is super excited about travelling again. She loved St. Croix and our expereince travelling. I just do not know how many people have travelled with a baby.
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  3. by   ERGypsyRN
    I am sort of in the same boat. My husband and I are traveling right now. I just finished up a 6 month contract, just in time for our 1st child to be born! Due March 29th! We also have two dogs and plan on continuing to travel once the baby is born. It works for us because my husband can work from home and be an "at home dad" while I can make the same amount of money as both of us working full time. We like to drive where we go. For one...dogs, two it seems like part of the adventure is being on the road. This may be a little more difficult with a hungry little one in the back seat. What the heck though, we are going to try!
    With most companies I believe you can get insurance from the 1st day of your assignment. You may just check into that. That is how mine worked. As far as your housing options, I have never felt unsafe in any of our agency placements. (other than they tried to put us at an extended stay at the airport once) We quickly took stipend and found our own place.) We do tons of research to make sure we are being put into a good area. Check out There's some good information on there when you are planning an assignment. It has helped me make decisions about specific areas where I was offered a job. It has crime rates and you can view surrounding areas.
    I wish you the best of luck. I say "Go for the Gold!" (Even with a little one!)