Traveling with a pre-existence condition. Would I be covered by insurance?

  1. Hi,
    I am a fairly new traveler, but an experienced psych RN. The assignments are pretty sparse and it looks like I have to go out my immediate region for the next assignment. I am married but my husband works in a field where he can move and still have a job pretty much anywhere.
    So my biggest worry, the one that has kept me in Massachusetts where I'm a resident, is the fact that in MA insurance companies are required to cover pre-existing conditions. I have bipolar disorder, fortunately the kind that respomds to meds and I am symptom free on meds. Unfortunately one of the meds I take (which doesn't have a substitute that works for me) is about $1700 a month. Obviously I cannot afford to pay that and am very grateful that my state has taken care of my insurance worries by mandating coverage and parity. Right now I have Blue Cross of Illinois through my husbands employer, but we'd have to obtain a policy elsewhere if I have to take an assignment in another state. BC of IL initially refused to cover the condition when I went on his policy, but then they realized the state I lived in and covered me.
    I know that I will have issues with coverage in another state. Does anyone know of an insurance company that would cover me? I'd be willing to buy my own policy if necessary.
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