Travel nursing issues/concerns

  1. Hello!

    I'm just curious, as writer, what are some of your biggest concerns as a travel nurse? If you have a moment, I'd be interested in learning:

    1. What were you most interested in, concerned about, had questions about before you started traveling?

    2. As an experienced traveler, what issues, concerns, and questions do you have? (How has your experience "evolved," in other words, and what do you ask, wonder about, have questions about, now?)

    3. Were do you get information about traveling? Why do you like that (forum, web site, magazine, newsletter)?

    4. What concerns you as a traveler in terms of:
    A. New assignment
    B. Orientation
    C. Housing
    D. Agency support
    E. Hospital politics

    5. How do you get information about your new assignment's location? Things to do, etc.?

    6. What do you want to know about a new assignment location before you go?

    7. What kind of "news" is most important to a traveler?

    Thanks in advance! Sorry about all the questions!
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  3. by   ESRD
    I'm going out on a limb here trusting that you are legit..

    #1 Involved question...3 questions in one. Interested in: how others did the job I do,,concerned about: what would happen to my condo i.e frozen pipes break in's etc,,,questions about: heck I didn't know enough to know what questions to ask.

    #2 One of my biggest issues is my mail.. The post office seems to forward willy nilly.. And many of my bills must be returned with my "new" temporary address..Cuz I start getting bills with my new address only on them.. I keep calling the bill people and telling them my perm address is ..Let the post office forward. I did get my new AMEX card at my temp address and was surprised..HMMMMMMMMM no rhyme or reason.. Also, check my credit report and I have like 4 address' there and each bureau has a different one for my current one...What a mess.. I have no one who will consistently send my mail..Friends say they will but they don't

    #3 Delphi Travel Nurse and Therapists... Lot's of recruiters there and travel nurses with helpful ideas, hints, and places to avoid.. I don't work in a hospital so some of it is not imformative to me particularily. Also like Nice list of companies there with some reviews of them from nurses.. Also,

    #4 New assignment is ok.. I actually get excited because usually it's a clean slate...Sorta like new curtains.
    Orientation in my field is non existant..Show me the med room.
    Housing usually do Corporate like Residence Inn, Extended Stay or Homestead.. National chains.. Good service.. Had one smokey place ..Stayed one night .. I found apt my company moved me.
    Agency support.. I rarely need them.. I usually just vent and that's it.. I don't look for problems and they don't seem to find me. It's 13 weeks there is a light at the end of the tunnel
    Hospital politics Well that's one reason I travel...Stay out of the politics even though I don't work in a hospital anymore

    #5 Internet

    #6 How to get there...Use

    #7 Who has jobs.. I find as a traveler I am not as interested in the media hype of anything..

  4. by   tomten3000

    I'm in the industry as a reporter, so definitely legit, and am using this post as a learning tool, mainly. Don't want to advertise the pub, since that's not really kosher, but do want to LEARN, so that I can deliver better information.

    So staying anonymous.

    Thanks for your post!
  5. by   bagladyrn
    I'm a long term traveler so would be interested in your questions, but I also tend to be wary. Can you give us a little more info on the purpose of your questions? Are you planning to use them for an article? For the general public or for an industry publication? Do you plan to quote individuals, or just statistics? Any way to confirm legitimacy? (sorry - have seen people bitten by this before)
    Any info you could give, either on the board or by pm would be appreciated. If this is an information article aimed at nurses, I'd also be interested when it is published in knowing where and how to access it - sounds as though it could be very interesting.
  6. by   rncopper
    I agree with BagLady. A little wary of answering questions to an unknown, but would be VERY willing to give an interview to answer your questions!

    I have traveled almost 3 years, not as long as BagLady (whom I know!!! ) but can give you some insight on travelers.

    I really would LOVE to see an article based on the travelers perspective; i.e. - why we travel, how we are looked upon by facilities, patients, and staff, our conerns while traveling, etc.

    A newspaper near my home town (I receive it online while traveling) had a reference to "travelers" in the paper just about 1 week ago. I did not think that it gave the REAL picture of what we do and how we affect a facilities operation. Wrote the author, spoke with him on the phone, and STILL waiting to be interviewed (he told me that it would be a while, but that he was interested!).

    You may send me a private message thru here with your verifiable credentials, and I would be willing to talk to you!
  7. by   tomten3000
    Hey there,

    Sure, to answer your questions, my name is Tom Tennant. I'm managing editor of Healthcare Traveler magazine. I've been with the magazine for almost a year (in June). I've been a journalist for 10 years.

    I have no intention of using anything from this post in any articles. I don't use message boards as ways of interviewing people for articles, but more for the reasons other people do -- education, learn what people in the industry are interested in, talking about, concerned about. I would use the conversations as a way of coming up with an article -- even if I didn't post specific questions.

    Maybe I came on the board and a bunch of travelers were talking about how much the love traveling to Minnesota, for example, so I might suggest to my editor that we do a story on Minnesoat. That kind of thing.

    I might contact a traveler and ask if they'd be willing to be interviewed, but even in that case, I'd most likely ask for her or his agency and recruiter, just so they know as well.

    So, honestly, I'm not even posting as a representative of the magazine, just someone in the industry. Hence, I don't use my work e-mail. The basis of this post was just to see what travelers are interested in, concerned about, and talking about, to make sure our magazine is staying current and relevant to our readers, who are you guys, really.

    Thanks! If you have other questions, feel free to post or to e-mail me.

    Again, this isn't being used for the basis of anything short of finding out what people are talking about.
  8. by   bagladyrn
    Thanks for the clarification! Good magazine by the way!
  9. by   tomten3000
    Thanks for the compliment! It's a fun magazine to work for.

    And I just re-read my post and it sure is rambling!

    Basically, to clarify, I'm just asking as someone interested in learning as much about the industry I cover as I can. None of this is "on the record," so to speak, and won't be used in an article (as quotes, etc.).

    I may come up with an idea for an article from the conversation, but still would not quote from the post or use anyone or thing as an example. I might decide to contact you via e-mail (or as you to contact me) if I'd like to talk to you about something. Only then, and only if you agreed to talk to me, would it become official or anything like that.

    ... rambling again ...

  10. by   Noney
    I have not travelled yet, but I LOVE that magazine!

  11. by   rncopper
    Thanks for the clarification, Tom!

    I am very familiar with HT Magazine! I was interviewed for an article in April 2003 concerning Urban vs Rural assignments (the ONLY traveler interviewed, I might brag!:roll ). Was pleased at how the article was presented, except for one item: The references to the others who were interviewed (travel company management people, some who were ex-travelers, but who were all men) were all preceded with "Mr." So-and-So and I was referred to as "Pennie". Felt a little slighted and discrimminated against as a female. Felt that I should have been addressed as "Miss", "Mrs.", or "Ms.".

    Ok, concerns of travelers:

    1. I was interested in the benefits of the companies that I interviewed before I started traveling. What was the companies policy in terms of housing. Travel pay? - per miles or set rate. And of course, how I connected with the person who would be my recruiter.

    2. NOW my concerns: How am I being taken care of by my company: do they listen, are they easy to get ahold of, do they back me up when I have a problem. Housing, retirement benefits, and insurance is a biggy.

    3. Most of my information comes from the hundreds of travelers who frequent Travel Nurse and Therapist thread at Delphi. Also, the travelers I meet "on the road".

    4. All of those concern me and I research them (thru asking others about the assignment/company/area from other travelers) as thoroughly as I can.

    5. The Internet is a wonderful thing! I check out whatever I can find about the area I am going to on the net, then check out any Chamber of Commerce or visitor centers.

    6. Ratios, floating policy, are they "traveler friendly" (how many travelers do they have on the floor, etc), what problems does mgmt SEE in their floor: I want their perspective on their floors/facility good and bad, and THEN I research IT out!), dress code, types of patients.

    7. Whatever MIGHT affect ME as a traveler: recent tax changes, wage matters (such as the OT bill in Congress), BON nursing changes, compact states.......Geez, could go on and on and could add things probably everyday I travel as things come up.

    Good Luck to you. Kind of gave you generic food for thought!
  12. by   ESRD
    I hate being referred to as a Ms. Mrs or Miss.. First off what is a Ms, I am single and much to old to be called Miss. And too intelligent also.

    I have a name none of which is Ms Mrs. or Miss.

  13. by   rncopper
    I agree! But when the "men" in the article were addressed as "Mr." Brian so-and-so, I should have been addressed similiarly.

    I would have RATHERED that we would have ALL been addressed by our first names!!!

    I am NOT Mrs. "my last name"; that is MY MOM!!!! I am Pennie!!!
  14. by   sassyfrassy
    Hi! I have been traveling for over a year now. Most travel companies are getting very savvy on providing benefits. One concern I have though is vacation pay and/or sick pay. Both of these are things that somehow need to be built in to a package. Thanks....