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Hello! I'm just curious, as writer, what are some of your biggest concerns as a travel nurse? If you have a moment, I'd be interested in learning: 1. What were you most interested in, concerned about, had questions about... Read More

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    I hate being referred to as a Ms. Mrs or Miss.. First off what is a Ms, I am single and much to old to be called Miss. And too intelligent also.

    I have a name none of which is Ms Mrs. or Miss.


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    I agree! But when the "men" in the article were addressed as "Mr." Brian so-and-so, I should have been addressed similiarly.

    I would have RATHERED that we would have ALL been addressed by our first names!!!

    I am NOT Mrs. "my last name"; that is MY MOM!!!! I am Pennie!!!
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    Hi! I have been traveling for over a year now. Most travel companies are getting very savvy on providing benefits. One concern I have though is vacation pay and/or sick pay. Both of these are things that somehow need to be built in to a package. Thanks....

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