Travel nursing in Ireland?

  1. I'm looking for travel companies that anyone could recommend that offer nursing positions in Ireland. I'm a pediatric registered nurse with almost three years of experience at a Children's Hospital and am very interested in travel nursing to Ireland within the next year! Any experiences, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   bellehill
    I know that O'Grady Peyton used to advertise international assignments. Sorry, that is all the help I have!
  4. by   Geeg
    I don't like OGP because they are part of american mobile, which I don't like. I talked with Continental travel nurse about UK and Ireland assignments and they are very nice and informative, sorry don't have their number. Just search it, they have a toll free direct number that you can call from the US.
  5. by   nurseiam
    I don't know anything about Travel assignments but my best friend and I spent 7 days there in Nov and we are hooked!!!!!
    The people are sooo nice but it is very expensive. Gas will kill you, thank goodness their cars get like 45 to the gallon!
    Good Luck!