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  1. Hi,
    I am a telemetry nurse from Louisiana looking to do travel nursing for the first time. Is it ok to travel alone for your first assignment? Should I find a travel nurse partner? If so, anyone interested?? I am open to any location. Any advice from seasoned travelers would be greatly appreciated!
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    If you are afraid to travel alone, maybe Travel isn't for you. Trying to get two people a job at the same place may be very difficult. What if one of you gets the better shift. How will that affect your relationship?

    It can be lonely, being a travel nurse. But it's not up to others to include you, it's up to you to include yourself. There may be some gender bias on my part, and if so. I am sorry. It's how I think.

  4. by   NativeRhythms
    I'm from Louisiana also and looking to start traveling April-May. What part are you from? I am unable to send PM's, but feel free to email me
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    hey, i am from lafayette, la.
  6. by   SweetP'sAunt
    I recently started travel nursing. I'm three weeks in on my first assignment and I am traveling by myself. So far traveling by myself has been okay. I've meet some people here already but like the other poster said don't wait around for others to include you. Make the best of the situation. Open your mind. Be friendly and people will open up to you. There will be days that can be lonely but tomorrow is always a new day... Traveling with someone sounds great. If you can share housing, you could then split the stipend. On your days off you can explore the new city/area together. I would love to travel with someone but I wasn't going to wait to find someone. I just figured I'd start living my life and see who I met along the way. If you are serious about traveling, PM me with any questions or maybe we could even travel together at one point. I'm on an assignment until the end of June now. I want to start my next assignment pretty quick after this one... and I have the most open mind about places to travel to!
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    Have you started traveling yet? Were you able to fing a travel buddy?