Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego

  1. I just want to give all ICU nurses a heads up regarding Scripps Mercy. I have been here for a couple weeks and it is the worst place I have ever worked in my 4 years a nurse. I have been traveling for 3 years and I have never been treated so unprofessionally in my whole life. The staff nurse absolutely hate us there and are not shy about it. I will not get into all the details, but the most important info I can tell you is that they like AMN nurses because the bill rate is cheaper. If you work for any other company, I would suggest you not go there. I work for On Assignment and since I have been there they have fired 2 nurses, both On Assignment nurses. And each day they fired those 2 nurses, a new AMN nurse started. Ironic huh? San Diego is beautiful, but please choose a different hospital than this one. Now the telemetry unit was nice, those nurse were wonderful and really helpful. And I floated to the ICU at Scripps Green Hospital in LaJolla and they were awesome. One of the best hospitals I have ever worked at. A friend of mine is in the ICU at Scripps Memorial in LaJolla and they are having issues over there as well, so beware. I try to post places that are not traveler friendly to help more of us out. We have to look out for each because the travel companies are not looking out for our best interest, just the money.
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