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After traveling for over a year I can honestly say I am tired. What a hassle it has become to find a job, get an apartment and move. After being submitted to 6 hospitals with no call backs I am 100% frustrated (I have an... Read More

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    No, I am currently not traveling. I actually have a broken leg!
    But even after I'm healed, I will be looking for a permanent position. I have actually been offered a good possibility in Canada, and I'm considering going for it.

    I used to love traveling, before it became more cut throat. I was always welcomed at new facilities and learned new was great! But after six years of traveling, being treated pretty badly by some companies and hospitals, I've decided it's time to buy a house and a dog! lol

    I hope you do very well in your travels, and always be safe.

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    Are you Canadian....Don't take offense just plain nosey me..

    I have thought about it...Because I think Canadian nurses are paid better....Am I wrong?????

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    Yes, I am Canadian! lol I don't mind you being nosey! lol

    I was offered $30/hour plus differential. I'm not really sure about pay in Canada because I've been in the US for so long. I do know that rates have increased over the last few years.

    I may be a little biased, but I think Canada is a beautiful country. Clean, quiet and serene.
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    I spent only one week in BC and Alberta....I wish I could have stayed there forever...Even though I live only a mile for the Atlantic Ocean I think I am a mountain person..

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    There are some really beautiful areas in Canada. I like the ocean, but unfortunately there are always a million people living in front of it!

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