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So I'm SUPER excited, landed my first travel assignment in San Fran area (Oakland Kaiser, will be living in San Fran). HOWEVER, I hate road trips. I want my car out there with me so I can explore N. Cali, and I am bringing my... Read More

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    Thanks, SCRN! Sounds like you were quite loaded down. Can't wait to make the trek :-) Leaving Nov 1, so hopefully rates will go down! The space bags sound like a great idea, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks!

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    How was the trip? I'm planning to take a cc road trip from Jax Beach, FL over on I-40 and all the way up to seattle (hitting up the Grand Canyon, of course, staying with a few friends along the way and maybe camping at Hot Springs Nat'l Park?) I'm not sure yet of the plan, but it's always changing. I want to start off in Alaska June- Sept for my 1st 13 week contract. I hear I'll LOVE IT there, and especially since Sept 5th is the end of my assignment and that's when there will be a new moon and I'll be on a train to Fairbanks to hopefully see Aurora Borealis <3

    So, how did you trip go? Where did you end up stopping along the way? Any advice for a fellow FL RN (I have my cat coming with) and lessons learned would be super appreciated! Thanks !
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    I just drove 2500 miles from the east coast to Phoenix for my first assignment, with two teenagers and a large dog in a Honda Civic. Packed light, and bought a soft cartop cargo carrier. It hurt my gas mileage but doubled my cargo space. I have a washer/dryer in my apartment so we only brought about a week's worth of clothes and we wash frequently. I bought a lot of kitchen and household stuff from Walmart and Goodwill after we arrived.

    I drove down to Atlanta, then to New Orleans (spent a couple of days there) then took I-10 all the way. I-40 would have been shorter for me but I wanted to avoid any snow/ice.

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