computer charting experience required for travel?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have put in my notice to leave my peds job and start traveling in january. I am beginning to worry though about charting. My hospital wont be using computer charting until next year so i have no experience with it. Is there anyone who has had experience with this issue? are there enough hospitals out there doing paper charting or are you able to pick up the charting in a few days at a new location? I am also a peds nurse so I know jobs are already limited. Thanks
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  3. by   tarheelpenguin
    Hi Seaglass, I would say 98% of the places I've worked has had computer charting. I don't think its a requirenent that you have experience with computers charting as long as you're able to pick up quickly on their systems. With only 1 day of orientation to learn the floor, charting, and that floor protocols and procedures... you have to be able to adapt fast. I also only work l&d so this may be different for you specialty.
  4. by   tryingtolearn
    I started traveling after working at a facility for two years with no computer charting. It was truly horrible. I consider myself to be a good nurse but what I walked into was impossible without SOME computer charting experience. Like the other response said, you are expected to be able to work with usually a one day orientation. I was on a med-surg floor and while the care itself was fine, the computer system was not. I am very good at picking up on computer stuff so I didnt think it would be a problem. The charting itself was not so bad, it was the flow of the day that I could not understand and no one seemed to know what I was asking. With a paper chart, you have something to do a chart check with...with a computer, while the chart is there, I was never really sure how to do a chart check with it. I never knew how I was supposed to know to check for new orders and meds either. During the day the doctors would add orders from their office or wherever and I only ever actually SAW one doctor on the floor the entire 12 hours! It just blew my mind. That assignment ended that night. LOL I could not understand how the system itself worked as far as knowing when to do what, and since no one could or would explain that to me, I didnt go back! I hope your experience is better than mine was