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california, texas, or northern states?

  1. 0 With travel nursing are the pay rates significantly different? my husband and I are wanting to travel as a team but not sure where to look for best agency etc. we are interested in north texas and the central, coastal and north California. Which company would anyone recommend for these areas?
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    Parallon is the exclusive agency for most of Texas Health hospitals (HCA). I am starting a contract in Denton, TX in 2 weeks.

    I have a great recruiter. Sending you a PM with her info.
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    Kind of defeats the principle of referrals when you refer someone you don't know for a bonus! If you truly have a good recruiter, just post their name.

    Parallon is a combination vendor manager and agency and is owned by HCA. They have at least 100 subcontracting agencies who often pay more than Parallon the agency. So calling them the exclusive agency is a bit of a stretch.

    So no help in cutting down the number of agencies to shop for the original poster. But you need to be signed up with several agencies anyway, so start calling them and learn which ones are best for you. Yes, pay rates vary significantly based on geography (California usually pays better than Texas), specific need, specialty, experience, and agency. Two agencies at the same hospital could indeed pay differently. Only way to find out is to shop around.
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    I did shop around. I found the better pay and subsidy with Parallon. Just like any sub contracting, each gets some and the lowest person gets the least. Cutting out the middle man works in my favor.

    And I don't care about the referral bonus. I am just trying to help someone out by telling them what I found worked for me. They may not be it.