Methodist Dallas Internship

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    I was just wondering who has gotten the Methodist Dallas Internship! I'm in the OR and I'm really excited to meet everyone!

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    I have an interview next Thursday for neuro! I am so excited! I've heard great things about Methodist.
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    Are they still hiring for the OR? I never saw the posting. The only one I see is for Ortho/Neuro
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    I currently work at Methodist Hospital Dallas in the Neuro ICU. I completed my internship in December and have been "let loose". It has been a great place to work. They have good differentials $6.50 weekend, $4.50 nights. We do serve a "fun" population as we are located downtown in Oak Cliff but you really get to see a broad spectrum of cases and grow your skills. We are building a new critical care tower that will be completed in the summer which will take our Neuro ICU to 32 beds!
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    Hey I'm and Extern at Methodist Charlton and I just applied to the Methodist OR internship. How is it going? Do you like it so far?
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    Hey everyone! I applied to Methodist's Internship. I heard you have to be an extern to get an intern position. Is that true? Does anyone know anything about the interviewing process there? Hopefully we'll meet each other some time soon
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    You do not have to be an extern to get an intern position. I am sure it would help as with any other facility just having an in helps but that is certainly not a requirement.

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