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I was just wondering if there is anyone else applying for the 2014 spring program. It's my first time applying to a nursing school so I'm excited! My HESI is overall average 86% (not that great) and... Read More

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    True it is very expensive. I've applied to Baylor and UT Arlington. But I honestly doubt if I would be able to complete the pre-nursing courses, before the start date. Anyways, good luck for your TEAS exam.
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    Thanks! Fingers crossed that we all get in!
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    Hi guys! I also applied for spring. Pretty nervous because I know any nursing school is competitive. My overall gpa is 3.87. Science gpa is 4.0 and I made a 93 (composite) on the HESI. I'm applying for the first time Good luck to everyone!
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    Oh wow that are awesome grades/scores! I'm pretty sure there is no doubt that you'd get in!
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    **those are
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    Hi there,

    I also applied to Baylor as a transfer, I'm waiting (very impatiently) for a response. Did she give you any indication of when in July we would hear?

    Good luck everybody!
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    Also, does anybody know how many transfer students they accept? I thought I read somewhere that they only took 12 or 13, I'm really hoping they accept more than that.
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    Hey! I emailed her and asked if she knew around what time in July we'd know and she said that although she is not making any promises she thinks around the beginning. But can be as late as the middle of the month.

    I hope that is not the number of transfer students they accept . There would be no chance for me in that case. But idk I've been trying to find as much info on Baylor and how they make decisions on who gets in and who doesn't and cant seem to find much. I even asked the advisor for more info about how they choose the students (i.e. like the point system, gpa/scores, etc) and she said that it was private and couldn't tell me.
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    I did a lot of research as well and I really found nothing. I wish I had a better idea of how they make the decision
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    Same here. But I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks hopefully! Let me know who all gets in!
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    It's so hard to not think about it! I'm doubtful because of my GPA and HESI scores. Did anyone go to the information session last Decemeber? They were very hush hush about the process. I wasn't planning on applying yet but I went to meet with her and she said I had enough hrs.! I'm also a transfer, so if they only accept a few then I feel like it's going to be a no for me. I looked back thru other posts from people applying last year around this time and they received their letter around the end of June. I guess it just depends on the number of applicants. Good luck to everyone!
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    The only thing they told me was that with a good hesi score they are willing to forgive a lower gpa. I feel good about my score and my science gpa but my overall gpa is not great.

    Has anyone applied anywhere else? This is my first application so far.
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    I can't apply anywhere else until January but I am planning on applying to TWU. I know that one is really competitive, they have like 800 or 900 applicants they say. My science GPA is a 4.0 and my HESI wasn't that bad so we will see. I went to both information sessions and I can honestly say I prefer Baylor. TWU did have an awesome facility but there was something about Baylor that just felt right. Although, the tuition doesn't feel right but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

    What about you? Schools? Where will you be transferring from?

    I am Crystal by the way!