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    I'm not a nurse yet..but I'm applying to nursing schools to hopefully get in for Fall 2011. I'm planning on moving to or near Nashville when I finish nursing school. I know it's like over 2 years away..but I'm trying to start planning for a move now(summer 2013)...just because I live in Chicago and I'm one of those research freaks that I always research the hell outta everything before I buy or do something substantial, etc. I also have 2 kids so I also need to plan because of that.

    I was wondering if it's hard to get a job in a prison in TN..hopefully near Nashville, is it better to be a LPN or RN(for working in a prison..I plan on getting my RN), do you have to have graduated from schools with certain credentials for that, what is the pay range, are there any avenues that I should go through to try to get a job in a prison near TN, any websites that I can go to to get more information, etc?? Any information that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! I also posted this a few days ago on the Corrections board.. I figured I should post it here also!

    Thanks in advance!!!
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