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    I have interviewed with the VA Hospital in Memphis. I'm sure that this type of post has been presented before - and if so - please direct me to the correct thread. Otherwise, what are the experiences that any nurses have had working at the VA in Memphis? How's the parking? Is there a shift differential? How is the retirement? Is there opportunity for advancement? I've been told there is a distinctive culture and structure to the VA - how so?

    I'll be presenting these types of questions to HR - but I always like to find out from nurses "in the field".

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  3. by   Chisca
    Most applicants give up before the VA gets back to them. I would guess 3-4 months from application submitted to job offer. I worked at the Memphis VA for two years in the MICU and quit over the issue of floating. Parking isn't too bad, you will be in the flat lot across the street on Jefferson. Never had a problem with either vandalism or theft. Pay is very good as are benefits. You do get 5 weeks vacation up front but take it based on seniority. I never got time off in the summer as there were nurses in my unit that had been there 20 years. 300 dollar uniform allowance was nice as none of the private hospitals around here give you one. Also very generous tuition reimbursement with pay increases for BSN or MSN. Nearly everyone I worked with was going to school and the VA management is very supportive of that. There is a union for nurses but you can't strike. The VA has it's own way of doing things and they don't care how the private world does it.