VA Hospital in Johnson City

  1. Anyone have any idea what the VA in JC pay scale starts at for LPNs?

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Tony1790

    Under 1 yr experience, I think that they start at GS3, maybe GS4, so that's $11-$14 hr to start, plus differentials.

    Over 1 yr experience, GS4-GS5, so $14-$15 hr to start, if a lot more experience the pay should be over $20 hr. I know a few that started over $20hr, not sure how much over it was, but they had a lot more experience than me (GS6??). I'm just over 1 yr.

    New LPN's get paid less than NA's at the VA unfortunately. Good luck. There aren't too many openings at the VA, I work at the VA as a tech and make $15hr, I just applied for a LPN job at the VA in JC. I hope to soon start working as an LPN, my pay should be $15hr and that's only because I'm already there.

    If you drive over to Asheville, NC (I did that for about 3 months) the pay is a lot higher, I started just under $17hr to start, plus diff

    Good luck

  4. by   rubicon73
    Pay is based on experience and a new grad the pay is very low plus it takes forever to get on once you are hired. It is the best place I have ever worked though and can't imagine working anywhere else.