Union University ASBN: Fall 2014

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    Hi all! Are any of you applying to Union University's Fall 2014 ASBN program [Hendersonville campus]? I thought it would be helpful to have a place for all of us to give advice & words of encouragement to each other during the entire process =)!
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    Hi! I applied for UU's (Hendersonville) ABSN Fall 2014 program! I submitted my application on Nursing CAS in November. I heard back from Nursing CAS with confirmation that everything had been processed, but haven't heard anything from UU. Have you!? Do you know when we should expect to hear something. I'm getting nervous!
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    Ahh hi - awesome! I submitted mine on December 1 and also heard from Nursing CAS but nothing from UU. I got ahold of an advisor in November to ask her some questions and she said it could be April/May before we heard anything, I guess because of their high application volumes? I thought that was a super long time to make us wait! But I did some research on here and the people that applied last fall for the 2013 ASBN program were getting their letters in late January/early February. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we hear something soon - I'm getting nervous, too!
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    Hello! So, I got an email from UU on Sunday saying that my application had been processed, etc. So, that's progress! I also did a bit of research... I talked to a girl that is in the program now. She started in Fall 2013. She said that she didn't find out until mid April, but a girl in her cohort found out mid February. Hopefully we will hear something sooner rather than later! Keep me posted on your progress! I'm glad to have found someone that also applied to the Fall 2014 class! =)
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    Hey - I got the e-mail that my application had been processed too! I'm so glad we both at least heard something from Union. That's great that you were able to talk to someone that is currently in the program. I wonder why it took longer for some applicants to find out? Hopefully we'll get our letters soon - I don't know if I can wait until April! I'm so happy we found each other on here, it definitely makes the entire process easier. I'll let you know if I hear anything else + you do the same!
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    Hello again! Good news from my end... I got my acceptance letter via email last week!!! =))) I am SUPER, super excited. Have you heard anything? If not, I am sure you will soon. I am shocked mine came this early!
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    AHHH congratulations! I am so happy for you - that's awesome that your letter came so early! I haven't heard anything yet, I'm starting to get extremely nervous :/. I went through all of my e-mails and I thought that I had received a notification that my application had been processed by UU but that was actually just NursingCAS. I'm thinking maybe I should call tomorrow just to check. Congratulations again! Hopefully I'll hear something soon!
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    Keep me posted!!!
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    Hey girl - I wanted to let you know that I received my acceptance letter into the program this morning! I am beyond excited, I screamed when I opened it! We rock
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    Yayayayay!!! Congratulations!!! This is so exciting! You should add me on Facebook (or whatever social media you prefer) - Anna Sellers, and I believe it says Univ of TN beside my name when you search. I'd love to actually get in contact with some of my future classmates! =) ha!