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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Congrats TPayne on the MSN acceptance AND the engagement too!!
    Parrisht: Congrats to you - I also was accepted into Union's Program in Hendersonville. Where are you from?
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    Hey Tinker--

    I just received a letter with my transfer credits as well, everything has a TR by it so it looks like all my credits transfer...but how soon after did you receive an acceptance letter? I don't know if this means that I am most likely going to be accepted or if it doesn't really mean anything...or what?
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    I am from McEwen, 40 miles west of Nashville. I will have to commute everyday, so this could get interesting.
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    I received my acceptance letter (via email) February 9th. A few weeks ago I received my transfer credits via mail. Check every email for an acceptance and call nursing admissions to verify because that is very confusing since they sent a transfer letter. Are you applying for an accelerated BSN or a masters degree? Keep us updated in here. Good luck to you
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    Does anyone know how many stimulation labs Germantown has? Just curious
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    Hey Girls: I was originally wait listed to Belmont's Accelerated BSN, but found out last week I was accepted. Now I have a huge decision to make between Belmont and Union..... I am thrilled that I ultimately get to make the decision, but at the time I am feeling super overwhelmed!!!
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    That's awesome combs! I just looked at Belmont's program for you. There's is set up by semesters and Union's is set up by terms. This is a hard decision... I like how Belmont's program is set up with regular semesters, but I like how Union's is paced. I understand how you feel though! I had to decide between the University of Memphis and Union, and I am still waiting for University of Tennessee (UTHSC and they announce in May). I recommend analyzing the courses/curriculum and researching any info you can get on AN. Check and see what Belmont's passing rate was like for the nclex rn exam. I know Union's was 100% in 2012. That is one big reason I choose Union. Go with your gut! Either way you will be getting a fabulous education!!! Good luck and keep us updated on your choice!
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    Tinker you are so kind. Thanks much!!!
    There are so many small pros and cons in the programs... and you are right ---at the end of the day I will get an excellent education. I definitely do not think there is a wrong decision... maybe it is just truly sitting down and over evaluating some things to hopefully make the best decision. Thanks again and will certainly keep y'all posted.
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    Hey Tinker, didn't you say you applied to the UTHSC MSN-CNL program? Did you get in?
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    Are any of you Germantown students in need of a roommate? I plan to live at Lincoln on the Green, which is only a few miles from campus. I figure that it might be more convenient to live with somebody else in the program. I have 2 indoor cats, Henry and Kitty, who are incredibly clean and friendly. I'm a really clean and organized person, so you don't have to worry about me, except during test time. Let me know, if you're interested!