Tennessee Technology LPNs and costs?

  1. I am currently accepted into the Spring program which starts on January 3. I haven't completely made my mind up wheather or not I want to start at the LPN level or go straight through the RN level. Right now I'm trying to compare cost. I was told that the Memphis LPN program would be $3,276.00 for the entire year, which I planned to pay installments by trimester. After going to orientation I recieved a costs sheet that estimated the total cost for just the first trimester to be $3200.00 after additional fees, uniforms, books, etc. I already have a degree and could not get financial aid except for a small grant Naifer (I think).

    Has anyone else attended or will be attending that has to pay out of pocket? I was told that everything is due on the first day of class. I do have a private student loan that I dont believe I will recieve in time before classes to start. I'm pretty nervous about starting on the first day and not having all my fees in order. Are there any other options for me to pay for this program as far as financial assistance?
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