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Tennessee Technology LPN Program

  1. 0 Hi. I just got excepted into the LPN program @ Tennessee Technology in Clarksville and was wondering if anyone else was starting . I was also wonder if anyone had taken or completed this program. Also if anyone could give me any pointers for this program.
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    Hey! I just signed up for this site so I just saw your post. I was also accepted into the program. I'm very excited and can't wait to start!
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    Congrats! I am very excited also. I ran into two other ladies that were excepted also. One of the ladies already had been through the first and second semester. She was telling me that it is alot of work but she said they tell you everything you need to know to pass. She told me it was set up for you to succeed. That eased my mind a little. I was a little worried at first. Are you going to be at the Clarksville campus?
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    yep, I will be at the Clarksville campus. I haven't personally met anyone else in the class (or in previous classes), but I have heard from other people that they set up a facebook group for everyone in the class and people would post questions in there while they were studying. it was kinda like an online study group, lol. I'm looking forward to a good year. My sister talked to someone who went to a different campus and he said it was very difficult but doable.